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The Sonoma Coast: 42 Miles of Heaven

Columnist: Monty & Sara Preiser
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2018

For so many of us who live here, and to the hundreds of thousands who choose to visit, life in the Bay Area comes about as close to paradise as one can imagine. One distinct region of beauty is the Sonoma Coast, which ranges north to south about 42 miles from Bodega Bay to Sea Ranch, and includes about six miles inland, where charming towns and villages such as Occidental, Jenner, Forestville, Monte Rio, Sebastopol and Valley Ford are located.

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The Wine Label and Your Finances

Columnist: Monty & Sara Preiser
Mar, 2018 Issue

Picture a leisurely trip to the wine store to purchase a bottle of WXYZ Zinfandel. Your clerk says he would be happy to get it for you, but asks whether you prefer the entry level, the Estate, a Reserve, or an Old Vines. Since the price of each category is higher than the last, your simple trip to buy a bottle for burger night is no longer so easy. Should you pay the extra money? Is each wine truly better than the one named before? And, maybe the most important question, “Even if each bottle is somewhat better, is the more expensive one worth the price differential?”

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Guest Column: Wine Country’s New Owners: What Do We All Really Think?

Author: Monty & Sara Preiser
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2016

So many of us are, on some level, disturbed about the continued disappearance of the traditional family winery in favor of the conglomerate.

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Guest Column: Napa Valley Vintners' Amazing Premiere Napa Week

Author: Monty & Sara Preiser
Apr, 2013 Issue

Napa Premiere showcases Napa’s winemaking talent and supports NVV’s efforts.

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