NorthBay biz  Reprint Permission Policy

All contents of NorthBay biz are copyrighted. A few articles in NBB are copyrighted by their authors. In those cases, permission to use the material must be obtained from the individual authors as well. All other material is copyrighted by NorthBay biz

All editorial content and graphics on are protected by U.S. copyright and may not be republished, copied,  or otherwise reused or distributed without written permission from NorthBay biz

 All contents of NorthBay biz are copyrighted. We encourage companies that have related stories published in NBB to create a link that points to the appropriate story on the NBB web site. Permission is granted to create a link on your website to Northbay biz provided the following conditions are met:

  • NorthBay biz must be used in the description.
  • The full title or headline of an article must be used.
  • Include the date of publication with month, day and year.
  • Post no more than the first two paragraphs to the story on your site.
  • Include the NBB Logo with a live link to the full story on


    E-Prints are PDF files of articles to post directly on your company's website (internal or external). Eprints are non-printable graphic copy of editorial as a PDF for posting to your website, it is available for a fee of $125.00 or $75 for subscribers to the magazine. (This charge covers the cost of the designer's time to remove ads from the article and create and deliver the PDF). All content is the property of NorthBay biz. Combined with Custom Reprints, it's a great way to reinforce the power of NorthBay biz editorial coverage.

Editorial reprints from NorthBay biz can add credibility to your company, executives, products or services. They can highlight your growth, market share, new products, best practices and more. We will format your reprint on our editorial mastheads, on 8 1⁄2” x 11” paper. Subscribers say reprints are very effective at generating interest and motivating customers, employees and investors. You can add your company’s logo and choose whether to include graphs and charts associated with a story.

  Please include the following information in your request:
    --Your company/organization.
    --The name of the article and issue date.
    --Your Web address.

Please use this handy for to contact us


Illustrations and photographs appearing in NorthBay biz are copyrite protected and are the property of NorthBay biz magazine. Permission to reproduce artwork or photos must be granted by NorthBay biz and/or the artist or photographer.

If the requestor supplied art or photos, or if NorthBay biz incurred no expense in obtaining them, permission will generally be granted at no charge. NorthBay biz Photography will be available as a complete disc of the photo shoot and will be available for purchase (Royalty Free /no resale or publication rights included) after it has been published by NorthBay biz, for a fee of $200. Individual photos will be available for $75. NorthBay biz and the photographer retain full usage and resale rights to all photos. Purchase includes full use of all images for personal use and professional or commercial use is limited to distribution of up to 5,000 copies per use.   

Please email for requests.

Please use this handy form to contact us



The NorthBay biz  logo is trademarked and may not be reproduced.
When permission to use an article is granted, a credit line shall appear in a box on the front page on all reproductions that reads:
© (year) NorthBay biz, 3565 Airway Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.
Reprinted by permission from the (month/year)issue of NorthBay biz magazine.

**Every copy reproduced must carry the credit line given above.**

Miscellaneous Types of Uses and Associated Costs

Individuals wishing to distribute single copies of an article for internal use (within their own company) will be permitted to do so free of charge upon receipt of permission request form.

Nonprofit uses(such as in free or minimally charged conferences) will be permitted free of charge upon receipt of permission request form.

Educational institutions may use articles as study material. In courses for which students are charged tuition, there will be a charge of $35 per article, per course, per semester.

Conferences, seminars, and workshops for which registration fees in excess of $50 are charged will be charged a fee of $35 per article, per use.

Promotional/informational uses: A firm wishing to reprint articles for handouts to clients and prospective clients will be charged a fee of $35 per article except when the company has materially assisted in the preparation of that article. Four color copies (as it appeared in the magazine, without advertisements) are available, Please contact  us at 707-575-8282 for costs and options.

In-house newsletters are permitted to use material at no charge.

Instructions for requesting photocopying/reprint permission.

1. Complete the reprint permission form.
2. Fax the Form to 707-546-7368
3. Upon receipt of the request, NorthBay biz  will determine who holds copy-right. If NorthBay biz holds copyright the requestor will be notified of any charges; upon receipt of payment NorthBay biz will send the requestor a letter granting permission to photocopy/reprint the article. If copyright is not held by NorthBay biz an effort will be made to reach the author to gain permission on the behalf of the requestor. In some cases the author may wish to speak directly to the requestor.


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