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David has 22 years' experience as a registered investment adviser. He began offering investment advice as an adjunct to his estate planning law practice. He also served as a member of the Mill Valley City Council for eight years. He is co-owner of Raub Brock Capital Management, Inc. in Larkspur. It is a fee-only investment advisory firm registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In managing its clients’ investments, the firm is guided by three primary values: integrity, insight and disciplined implementation. Raub’s column focuses on those same values.




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Driven To Succeed

To call Sonoma Raceway a track is an understatement. The year-round motorsports complex is home to 75 businesses in 104 shops, a performance racing school, a kart track, several campgrounds, 44 pit ...


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How To Protect Your Small Business

Your small business is humming along smoothly, providing a service or product that’s keeping your bottom line—and your customers—happy. Suddenly, a serious issue arises with an emp...

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