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Full Disclosure vs. TMI

Columnist: James DeVore, M.D.
Jun, 2015 Issue

Is honesty always the best policy?

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Resilience As a Vital Sign

Columnist: Kirk Pappas, M.D.
May, 2015 Issue

Take your resilience “pulse.” It’s a vital sign in your life and the lives of others.

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The Health Benefits of Wine

Columnist: Steven Levenberg, D.O.
Apr, 2015 Issue

Drink up, people—but keep it moderate.

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40 Years in the Trenches

Columnist: James DeVore, M.D.
Mar, 2015 Issue

Dr. DeVore takes a look at how health care has changed since the 1970s.

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The Power of Prevention

Author: Kirk Pappas, M.D.
Feb, 2015 Issue

The power of prevention is in your hands.

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Author: Steven Levenberg, D.O.
Jan, 2015 Issue

Screening tests can be an important step toward identifying common health problems.

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As Seen on TV

Author: Kirk Pappas, M.D.
Dec, 2014 Issue

Just say, “No mas” to televised ads for prescription medications.

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The Health of Happiness

Author: James DeVore, M.D.
Nov, 2014 Issue

The pursuit of happiness can manifest in many forms, and the result is improved health.

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An Ounce of Prevention

Author: Steven Levenberg, D.O.
Oct, 2014 Issue

The right lifestyle choices can be the best preventive medicine.

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Pot Is No Different

Author: James DeVore, M.D.
Sep, 2014 Issue

Medical marijuana has its benefits, but patients also need to be aware of its drawbacks.

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The Fountain of Youth

Author: Kirk Pappas, M.D.
Aug, 2014 Issue

One hundred-fifty minutes of aerobic exercise each week is the key to good health and a long life.

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The Stress Test

Author: Steven Levenberg, D.O.
Jul, 2014 Issue

Don’t let stress control your health and happiness.

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Does Your Doctor-Patient Relationship Need a Checkup?

Author: James DeVore, M.D.
Jun, 2014 Issue

With health care reform in effect, it’s important to ensure you and your doctor can still communicate easily.

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