Tim Carl

Tim Carl is a Napa Valley native who traces his California grape-growing roots back to the mid 1800s. He has had many careers that include co-founder of Knights Bridge Winery, meditation and fitness instructor, columnist, professional chef , Navy quartermaster, business consultant at McKinsey and Co., and a Ph.D. scientist with a fellowship at Harvard. Presently he writes and teaches in Calistoga.
Carl’s diverse background and experiences often find their way into his writing. He says he’s always found writing a natural response to life and that, in addition to the support of his wife and two adult children, writing has been one of the major stabilizing forces in his life.
Most of Carl’s published work has focused on science and business, but he is currently devoting much of his time to writing short fiction and even poetry. “ I feel like you can get at deeper truths through fiction,” he says.
Some of his literary influences include John Steinbeck, Raymond Carver, Billy Collins, Jennifer Egan and George Saunders. An avid reader, Tim also enjoys photography, meditation, scuba, gardening and traveling.


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