Aug 29, 2017-
Aug 29, 2017
06:00PM - 08:00PM
Benefit Concert ft Glassdoor house band for Marin City students
Benefit concert ft. Glassdoor house band Transparency to bring music programs to Marin City students
Sweetwater Music Hall
Event Description

Benefit concert featuring Glassdoor's house band Transparency, which kicks off a community fundraiser and instrument drive to give every student at Marin City's Bayside MLK Academy an instrument (third grade + up) by 2018.

Suggested donation at the door: $20 tax-deductible donation OR a new/used musical instrument.

Family-friendly concert, open to the public.

Donate online at the campaign GoFundMe page:

Fee: $20.00

Contact Information
Name: Alison Sullivan     Email:
Phone: 415-339-9105



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