Apr 29, 2018-
Apr 30, 2018
09:00AM - 01:00PM
B.E.M.E Retreat* Breathe, Embody, Move and Energize...
Learn about the potential of your breath and movement in energizing you! Connect with the amazing nature of the Northern California Coast! Join us!
Jenner Inn, Route 1, Jenner
Event Description

Connect with your Breath, Embody the magic within Movement, and Energize yourself, with your holistic vacation in the natural environment of beautiful Jenner, California. Learn techniques to bring your mind and body into harmonic resonance through movement and balance while being surrounded by the vibrational flow of the sea.

Where the mouth of the Russian River meets the Ocean\'s body connecting fresh and salt water, you\'ll experience the power of nature and feel the energies that attracted people of ancient cultures to this mystical place. From April 29 - 30th, 2018, join us at the Jenner Inn, and learn to observe the space deep within you. Discover your own unique way of being!

The name B.E.M.E, was chosen as an acryonym for Breathe, Embody, Move and Energize. To breathe, is to both embody who you are and to move you in energizing ways. The "ME," in the name is you! The "BE," in the name is the awareness of being. The meaning of this holistic vacation is to guide you in using your gift of breath in new and energizing ways. Your two day holistic package will include: 2 explorative breath work sessions, 2 restorative yoga classes with Instructor Jamie Sadeghi and 2 coastal hikes with Fitness Trainer Geni Quartaroli. We will have an interactive presentation called Movement as Mental Medicine by Dr. Harun Evcimen. We will dine in the historical dinning room of the beautifully restored Jenner Inn. All meals and activities are included! Register on www.bemeretreat and discover the potential within your breath!

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Contact Information
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