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2010 Best Commercial Real Estate Company: Keegan & Coppin Company, Inc.

Author: Matt Solis
May, 2010 Issue
The American real estate industry has been subjected to earth-shaking changes over the past few years, so for a company to be considered a region’s best undoubtedly requires a certain level of perseverance—no easy task in the face of adversity. For Keegan & Coppin, however, persistence is the name of the game: This is the company’s second consecutive award for Best Commercial Real Estate Company. “We’re very happy we’ve been chosen again,” says co-owner and Executive Vice President Jim Keegan. “We have the most experienced agents in the market, and they and the rest of our staff do a great job.”

Last year, Keegan looked at 2009 with guarded optimism, saying, “Sales have been pretty good, but this year will be off. It’s a cyclical business. We all understand that. We’re just trying to stay healthy so we’ll be prepared to move quickly when things pick up again.” So with another year gone by, were there any surprises? “It was pretty much as expected,” says Keegan. “It was an off year, but now it’s slowly starting to pick up. We react to the market, so our opportunities come from watching it closely and gaining steam on that end.”

Keegan also attributes his company’s success to its highly personalized approach to doing business. With today’s ever-evolving technologies, doing business on computers and mobile devices has never been easier or faster, but Keegan feels a human connection is crucial to success in the real estate industry. “You need to have face time so you can connect with your clients,” he explains. “Otherwise, you become just another number. There’s no substitute for a personal relationship [between realtor and client].” This philosophy has translated to long-term client loyalty, which, according to Keegan, is the best kind of feedback a company can receive.

In last year’s interview, Keegan was looking to “continue expanding territorial markets” in 2009, and the company has made great strides toward achieving that goal in an unforgiving economic climate. “We’ve added markets in Santa Rosa and Napa,” Keegan confirms, “and we’ll add more as we go along. It’s important for us to build our market presence.” Keegan & Coppin has also added a few agents to last year’s 59, and employee turnover has been nonexistent.

Consistency is truly the key to Keegan & Coppin’s success; in the face of adversity, it’s stayed the course and stuck to what’s made it one of the most influential full-service real estate companies in the North Bay. Brand recognition has also played an important role—it’s hard to think of the company without immediately picturing that red diamond, a symbol that’s become synonymous with local real estate. “That sign hasn’t changed in 34 years,” says Keegan. “People know it—they don’t even have to look at the phone number.”

The objective of Keegan & Coppin for 2010 and beyond is simple. “We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing,” says Keegan. “Tending to business, making sure our clients are taken care of…it’s all we can hope for.”






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