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2010 Best Contractor/Builder: Boden Construction

Author: John Abbott
May, 2010 Issue

Day in, day out, you’re likely to find Jim and Linda Boden on the site of one of their company’s construction projects. “We love to get out to the job site,” Jim says. “It gives us a chance to check in with our clients and provide them with a comfort level, so they know we didn’t just sell them the job and disappear. It’s a way to keep communication open.”

Communication is a recurring theme in Boden’s business proposition. “We have a strong commitment to open dialog at every step of the process,” Linda says. “If the client isn’t happy for some reason, we’re not getting our job done. And the only way we know they’re not happy is if they’re talking to us.”

 Boden Construction is based in Santa Rosa but has a strong presence throughout the North Bay. It employs up to a dozen workers and runs as many as seven to eight projects at a time. Three of its four management staff are certified green professionals through the Sonoma State University Green Professional Certificate program, and between the top four members of its staff, the company has more than 135 years of experience in the industry.

Born and raised in Sonoma County, Jim started working for his father, Silas, on weekends and after school. He met Linda, a Sonoma State University graduate with a degree in accounting, when she joined the company in 2002. When Silas Boden retired last year, Jim and Linda assumed ownership of the company and expanded the management team to include two superintendents.

No job is too big or too small for Boden, although the specialty is custom commercial projects, such as high-end spas and retreats. “That gives us more room to be creative, to work with good materials and design,” Jim says. “Often, a client will have an idea of what they want but won’t know how to get there. We help them reach their vision with the architects, designers and subcontractors who are all part of the team.”

The company is also strong in residential remodels, tenant improvements, green building and new construction. “We’re always trying to build on what we know, looking for new ideas and new ways to complete our projects,” Jim says.

The keys to Boden’s success include adaptability, environmental awareness, accountability and the ability to diversify its services. There’s also another ingredient that’s more personal. “We’re not just a family-owned business,” Linda says. “We consider ourselves a family-oriented business. Our safety program is at the top of our priorities. We haven’t had any injuries in three years despite being in the midst of a very high volume of work.”

Its creative approach to problem solving may be one of the biggest factors that sets it apart from competitors. Boden recently had a project in which the client needed structural repairs to the inside of its manufacturing facility but couldn’t afford to stop production while the work took place. “We had to build a staging platform, so production could continue while we worked above them on the structural elements at the same time,” Jim says. “It took a lot of coordination, but we did it on time while they kept up production—and no one was hurt.”



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