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2010 Best Office Technology Supplier: Discovery Office Systems

Author: Matt Solis
May, 2010 Issue
Pat Riley may have perfected the “three-peat” in professional basketball (and, perhaps more important, trademarked the term’s commercial use), but when it comes to North Bay office technology dominance, look no further than Discovery Office Systems (DOS)—this is the company’s third consecutive award for Best Office Technology Supplier. “We’re very excited that we’ve won for the third time,” says Assistant General Manager Dan DuCharme. “I think the key [to this consistency] is the relationships our salespeople and service staff have with our clients. For us to be successful, we need everyone to communicate effectively with our customers.”

Fostering strong client relationships is certainly an important aspect of any business, but DOS has paired that with a fleet of blockbuster products/services and a profound connection to its employees to create an office tech dynasty. DuCharme thinks the longevity of his staff gives Discovery Office Systems an edge over similar companies. “We have some salespeople who’ve been in this business at Discovery for more than 30 years. No one can come close to that kind of longevity and experience,” he says.

In last year’s interview, GM Dave McReynolds said DOS’ ultimate goal is to meet customer demands through diversification, and that approach remains a top priority in 2010. Docstar, the company’s electronic document management program that was in the early stages of implementation last year, is now fully operational. Essentially a central repository where a company can securely store all its paper and electronic files for immediate retrieval, Docstar has “helped open doors to new accounts,” says DuCharme. “Now our customers can better manage their electronic documents as well as hard copies.”

Another new development is TASKalfa, a color output device that offers high-quality color copies at an affordable rate. “It’s been extremely successful,” says DuCharme. “Our customers talk about the increase in quality, how easy it is to use and how affordable color copies have become. ‘Industry Analysis’ has rated these products for exceptional reliability.”

And even with the growing popularity of its newer products, Discovery Office Systems still wields its big gun: the computer-based printer monitoring system PageLogic. “We developed that model, and Kyocera [DOS’ parent company] took it nationally and internationally,” DuCharme explains. “Now, PageLogic is being used all over the world, and we’re the home base for its national management.”

Last year saw McReynolds looking forward to staying ahead of technology, an approach DOS still conveys to its employees. “Our people on the street—sales and tech people—encompass a broader range of technical knowledge than ever before,” says DuCharme. “This has transferred to sales across the board. If we’re more educated in what we’re offering, that translates to clients.”

With all of Discovery Office Systems’ recent success, DuCharme is still aware of his industry’s volatility. Last year, McReynolds mentioned lagging sales and a dwindling customer base as significant challenges to overcome, and DuCharme is just as mindful this year. “2009 was a challenge for all local business. No one escaped that economy. So now, our efforts are focused on managing our current accounts and making sure prospective clients know exactly who we are. For the rest of 2010, we’re looking to stabilize relationships and prepare for the future.”






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