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2017 BEST Business Event Venue: Vintners Inn

Author: Petter Westby & Cerrissa Kim
June, 2017 Issue

“We always aim to provide the best possible service for our business customers, and we persistently monitor our performance to achieve this goal.”—Percy Brandon

Vintners Inn has been a staple name and event venue destination at the highest level, since they opened their doors 37 years ago. Once again, Vintners Inn was voted the best business event venue in the North Bay for 2017. How does the inn manage to meet such a consistent level of excellence year-after-year? “We take great pride in constantly reinventing ourselves, and we never rest on the successes that we have achieved in the past,” Percy Brandon, general manager of Vintners Inn and John Ash & Co. “We always aim to provide the best possible service for our business customers, and we persistently monitor our performance to achieve this goal.”

What sets Vintners Inn apart from most business event venues is their level of hands-on involvement in the local business community, as evidenced by the time invested by Brandon and his professional staff members who allot time to serve on the boards of numerous local organizations. Some of those organizations include the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce, The Sonoma County Alliance, Sonoma County Tourism Chamber and Russian River Wine Growers. Says Brandon, “We like to view ourselves as being an integral part of the local business community and not merely a service provider. I believe much of our success stems from the fact that we’re fully ingrained in our business community and play an active and collaborative part in our business environment.”

As a direct result of the strive for continuous renewal, along with proactive catering to the needs of the business community, Vintners Inn has been experiencing a 20 percent year-over-year increase in demand the past several years. The result of this growth, as they cater to the consistent increase, is that Vintners Inn is expanding its offerings with the addition of the River Vine Café, a new best-in-class spa and the addition of 34 new guest rooms. “The addition of the spa enhances our capabilities to be the premier business retreat destination in the North Bay and well beyond,” Brandon explains. “Additionally, the River Vine Café, under the same management and operation as the John Ash & Co. restaurant, will provide for a new business breakfast and lunch venue and further enhance the corporate retreat experience.” While the new spa and the new café are also targeting the business retreat community, both venues will be available to the public as well. “While we’re fortunate enough to win two separate ‘Best Of’ awards this year with the Vintners Inn and John Ash & Co., the two establishments are essentially two parts of one unity under the same private ownership and management,” he says. “Both establishments are operated with a shared vision and a shared set of objectives.”

Vintners Inn has proven itself to be among the elite business venues in the North Bay over the past few decades. One of the most impressive aspects of the company is its drive and vision as it constantly seeks out new avenues with the intent of further advancing the customer experience and positioning itself for ongoing success.

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