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2017 BEST Chamber Event: Windsor Chamber of Commerce

Author: William Rohrs
June, 2017 Issue

“Being recognized for our events means a lot to us because it helps affirm the idea that we exist to serve our community.”—Christine Tevini, President and CEO


The foundation of a healthy business community in any town or city starts with its chamber of commerce. An active and engaging chamber acts as a catalyst for both growing and established businesses, and the business expo at the Windsor Chamber of Commerce helped the chamber secure the “Best Chamber Event” award at NorthBay biz magazine for 2017.

“The chamber has existed for the last 52 years, with the expo celebrating its 25th anniversary this year,” says Christine Tevini, president and Chief Executive Officer of the chamber. Held at the Mary Agatha Furth Center for the last 10 years, the expo brings together business owners from all industries in Windsor, and provides networking, entertainment and community building to the growing town. “The event’s become so popular, business owners from outside Sonoma County have signed up to participate, too,” Tevini says. “Setting up a table and dispensing information to current and potential customers is invaluable for businesses to spread the word on what they do.”

Tevini says the chamber considers it a great honor to be recognized for an event she believes is integral to the chamber’s purpose. “There’s a saying among chambers: ‘Once you’ve seen one chamber, you’ve seen one chamber’,” she says. “Chambers across the nation come up with novel ideas to promote business and growth in their towns. Being recognized for our events means a lot to us because that helps affirm the idea that we exist to serve our community.”

On a personal level, Tevini is proud to accept the responsibility as president and CEO of the chamber. “Before I was nominated for the position, I was the office manager for the chamber,” she says. “One day, the board recognized the work I’d done for the chamber, and believed I would be the right fit. It was a very humbling experience, and I’m so glad we continue to grow and improve our chamber and its events.”

Currently, the chamber seeks to improve its outreach to the community. “We just had a board retreat, and we’re brainstorming ways we can continue to raise the bar on excellence in service,” Tevini says. “More events, or more person-to-person activities hosted by the chamber should bring more interest in membership. And the expo can always be improved the next year. We want to see more businesses apply and more networking happening to connect all these great people together.

“It’s such an honor to receive this award. Our vendors—as many as 80 businesses any given year—constantly tell us it’s the best event they’ve been to, and it wouldn’t be nearly as good without a healthy business community and the people at the chamber organizing these events and making them happen.”




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