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2017 BEST Sauvignon Blanc: Dutcher Crossing Winery

Author: Sarah Treseler
June, 2017 Issue

“We like to think of our winery as a three-legged stool, with a great site, great hospitality and great wines,” —Debra Mathy, Dutcher Crossing Winery

The winner this year for Best Sauvignon Blanc is Dutcher Crossing Winery, located on Dry Creek Road. Everyone at the winery appreciates the support, says proprietor Debra Mathy. “It means a lot,” she says, “for a small winery to be recognized in this manner. The entire staff across the board takes pride in the winery and works hard to contribute. We also work with great growers that deliver high quality fruit.”

“We like to think of our winery as a three-legged stool, with a great site, great hospitality and great wines,” she says. “And our diverse portfolio enables most people to find something they enjoy.”

The winery was founded by the Stevens and Nevins families, and first opened its doors in 2005. “Bruce Nevins and Jim Stevens were the businessmen that helped bring Perrier to North America,” Mathy explains. “They wanted to do another project together and set their sights on building a winery.” The name Dutcher Crossing was chosen because of the confluence or “crossing” of Dry Creek and Dutcher Creek are on the property. The goal? To craft small lots of estate and single vineyard wines. Mathy, an educator by training, had always loved wine, and dreamed of owning a winery. Helped by her dedication as well as her father’s guidance, she became owner of Dutcher Crossing in 2007.

The winery has close working relationships with its staff, including the winemaker and growers, and all employees are considered part of the winery “family.” She also takes pleasure in bringing her dog Dutchess, the winery’s official greeter, to work every day. As a point of interest, Dutcher Crossing’s label showcases a vintage high-wheel bicycle, which serves a commemoration of the journey and the road ahead. Mathy is also an avid cyclist and lover of bicycles. “The icon represents Dutcher Crossing Winery’s pursuit of small-lot winemaking, attesting to the guiding power of my father’s imagination, and the timeless qualities of an artisan approach to life,” she says.

“In terms of new events, we just launched a new series in our portfolio, the Winemakers’ Tour,” says Mathy proudly. Inspired by the Tour De France, winemakers lead customers through numerous “stages” showing the diversity of California wine country. “Our first stage was a Pinot Noir from Russian River and our second stage being released this year, is a Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley.”

Mathy loves meeting new people every day and hearing from patrons about how much they enjoy the wines.  Some of her favorite memories of her work have been when her family members come to visit. “Everyone at the winery, from staff to customers enjoys chatting with them. We craft wines in their honor. People want to talk with them about their wines—some have even asked them to sign the bottles. They are big supporters of all of us at winery, so it is nice to see them have the spotlight in those moments.” Come and experience Dutcher Crossing Winery for yourself, as well as its famed Sauvignon Blanc.



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