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Six Strategies for Branding Your Company

Author: Eddie Brascia
August, 2017 Issue


Branding gives each company its own personality, and physical promotional items are a key component of a healthy marketing strategy. It’s an easy way to promote your company, and make an impression on your clients.
Gone are the days of cheap throwaway promotional items. Today, the emphasis for our clients is on reusable products that have value for the customer. The more a customer uses your product or wears your apparel, the more benefit you receive. There are thousands of incredibly cool products and name brand wearables available today such as Nike, Marmot, Under Armour, Contigo Bottles and Pendleton Blankets. Some of the most popular items currently are high-end graphic T-shirts, BPA-free water bottles, puffy insulated vests, athletic-cut men’s polo shirts. But before you start ordering promotional items, it’s important to develop a strategy. Here are five key ways to make the most of promotional campaign.

1. Plan for success. Before beginning any physical promotional marketing campaign have a well thought out plan and the ability to measure success. For example, too often we see a logo with no plan or competing plans within the company. It’s imperative to consider how you plan to brand your business, according to your customer demographic, not personal taste.  If your customer demographic is mostly in the 50-something range, purchase accordingly. This is a must. When you disregard your client demographic it only leads to lost time, additional changes, cost overruns and unhappiness all around. How do you measure success? Customer feedback will tell you everything you need to know.
2. Ask tough questions. While choosing a promotional products ask yourself these questions: At the end of campaign what does a successful campaign look like? What is your budget? What is your lead time? The answers to these questions will save you time, money and headaches.
3. Create a budget. A sound budget is a key to success. One of the frequent mistakes we see companies make is they treat their physical branding campaign as a profit center, instead of a marketing expense. With no budget in place, companies tend to overspend and then hope they can sell enough product to make a profit (or at least pay for the promotion). If a profit isn’t made, the branding campaign comes to a grinding halt. With a plan and a budget, if there’s a need to go over the expected costs you have a map to help with a decision.
4. Be consistent. Once you have your plan and budget in place, the key to physical promotional branding is consistency. Follow the plan and if something doesn’t work out, make adjustments, but keep moving forward.
5. Keep it simple. When creating a new physical promotional item, apparel, or uniform keep it simple. Trying to cram your logo, phone number, website, and your motto into or on your promotional items will be unattractive, expensive and confusing. Don’t be a billboard. And when in doubt, think Swoosh, the logo for Nike, Inc. It’s the most recognizable logo in the world today, and probably the least complicated.
6. Know the latest trends. When working with a physical promotional company, ask your sales representative for the latest trends. Today, eco-friendly, reusable products are not only the trend, but are great for branding. The longer people find your item or apparel useful, the longer your company name is going to be top of mind. Reusable water bottles, flasks and blankets are hot, as well as apparel, especially retail-oriented items such as high-end branded wine bags for wineries.

Following these six strategies will keep your company’s brand top of mind with both existing and potential client, and a promotional branding campaign is an excellent tool in your marketing arsenal.
Eddie Brascia has owned and operated Sonoma Design, Apparel & Promotions Inc., since 2003.  Eddie brings over 30 years of knowledge in the apparel & promotional industry along with the values of family, commitment to his customers and longevity in the business, all contributing to the success of his company. You can reach Eddie at eddie@sonomadesignapparel.com, or 707-578-4739. For more information, go to www.sonomadesignapparel.com.

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