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Why Choose a Local Alarm Company?

Columnist: Jarad Petroske
July, 2018 Issue

Jarad Petroske
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You’ve seen the ads and you’ve gotten the calls. The flashy fliers arrive as soon as the “For Sale” sign is taken off the front lawn and the calls always ring at the wrong time. I’m about talking about, of course, home and business security systems sold by huge corporations that want you to believe they’re the only game in town.

But the truth is, you have a choice. As businesses and homeowners begin to rebuild after the October fires, many of us will want to add burglar and fire protection to our properties. When you’re ready to install a security system, you can choose to go with an anonymous national company, or you can go with a local provider.

In the 47 years Advanced Security Systems has been in business, we’ve seen every marketing gimmick from the big guys. There’s a reason why so many people put their trust in a local company, with local roots and local ties. It’s simple: a local company can deliver peace of mind in a way the big companies cannot. Why choose a local provider? Here are a few good reasons to go with a local company.


If you read the reviews of the big alarm companies, you’ll find they often have trouble responding to clients quickly and efficiently.

From sales reps who miss appointments, to being put on hold for hours just to report a problem with your system, it can seem impossible to get personalized attention from a national chain.

Local businesses are known for their customer focus, and consumers know this. According to a 2014 customer service survey conducted by AYTM Market Research, a majority of consumers said personal service was their top reason for shopping local. Local alarm companies employ people living in your community, and that means they’re accessible and ready to help when you need it.

Honest pricing

There’s an old saying, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” I think of that cliché when I see the so-called “great deals” that big alarm companies offer. Then I think about how disappointed their customers must be when they discover the hidden costs. The postcard reads “No installation fee, low monthly costs,” but only in the fine print does it mention the long-term contract. If you cancel early, for any reason, they’ll hit you with a massive early termination fee that can be up to 75 percent of the remaining amount under contract. That can be more than $1,000 if you signed up for a top-of-the-line plan. People don’t like being tied down, and they certainly don’t want to be penalized for changing their mind.

Supporting the local economy

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, doing business with a local independent company returns almost 3.5 times more wealth to the local economy compared with a major national company. And in another report, by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, local businesses generate 70 percent more local economic activity per square foot than national companies. Local businesses, whether alarm companies or retailers, or restaurants, really are the backbone of the economy and are responsible for more job growth than any other sector.

In addition, local companies are part of your community. They are the first ones to sponsor the little league team, buy a sponsorship for the high school ball field, donate to the local charity fundraiser, and take leadership roles in the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club and more. The importance of having a strong involvement in the community is hard to overstate, since everyone benefits when local business leaders are engaged.

Local companies are pros

Through involvement in regional and statewide alarm associations, and rigorous licensing procedures, local alarm providers are committed to the highest professional standards. With technology constantly changing, they’re committed to ongoing education and training. This means you’re getting the best service and the best products for your needs.

With all these advantages of choosing a local alarm provider, it’s tough to make a case for choosing a national brand.

A lifelong Northern Californian, Jarad Petroske is the business development manager for Santa Rosa’s Advanced Security Systems. He loves supporting small businesses and visiting local wineries and restaurants whenever possible. Contact Advanced Security Systems at (707) 544-9200 or go to advancedsecurity.us.


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