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December 2016 Gift


A Crafty Pair

Jardesca, a Sonoma-based aperitif producer, and Inna, a local producer of organic jams and shrubs, have joined forces to create a gift that any foodie will revel, the Garden Cocktail Gift Set, which features a bottle of Jardesca aperitif and one bottle of Inna quince shrub. Jardesca is a refreshing blend of three white wines, fortified with Eau de Vie (grape spirit) and infused with 10 different botanicals to create an aperitif that sparks the appetite without overwhelming the senses. Inna quince shrub is a drinking vinegar infused with quince fruit. It tastes of pears, roses and aromatic honey—making an exceptional marriage with the slightly herbaceous flavors of Jardesca.

Packaged in a utilitarian carryall, perfect for gardening or small storage, the Garden Cocktail Gift Set includes the components to make this season’s tastiest drink—the Jardesca Quince Spritz.A small rosemary plant is included to garnish the drink with a striking visual touch, along with a step-by-step recipe card. Made in a limited edition set of only 100, the Garden Cocktail Gift Set is sure to be a perfect surprise for the craft beverage fan in your life.

Shop Local

Black Friday gets all the hype, but we should all really be focusing on Small Business Saturday. On Saturday, November 26, 2016 celebrate and support local small businesses and all they do for our communities. As the holiday season kicks into high gear, please make a point of seeking out vendors and retailers near you—and keep the spirit alive year round.

Handcrafted with Love

Begun as the Rohnert Park Craft Shoppe in October 1987, Sweetpea Gift Shoppe was established as a place where senior consignors could display and sell their handcrafted items. It’s now located inside the Rohnert Park Senior Center as a nonprofit all-volunteer organization working to benefit the senior citizens of Sonoma County.

Sue Maness, who’s been a volunteer at the shop for 10 years, says she enjoys being able to meet new people, sell goods and set up displays. It’s a wonderful place to find quality gifts for women and children or even general housewarming gifts. The shop is entirely run by seniors, and the store’s most popular goods are its baby items, including handmade blankets, booties and outfits. The store also offers home décor, greeting cards, wooden toys and jewelry. “The people who bring things here to sell do it not because they want to make money, but just because they love to craft,” says Maness.

The shop has a different seasonal theme for its merchandise each month and participates in many events in Rohnert Park throughout the year, including the Pacific Island Festival in August, the Founders Day Parade and Festival in October, and the Craft Fair in November.


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