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March 2015 Tech

March, 2015 Issue

Get in Touch

We’ve all seen real estate offices with printouts of listings adorning their windows. But Healdsburg & Artisan Sotheby’s International Realty is taking that idea to a new level. Its 409 Healdsburg Avenue location now offers an interactive touch screen window display that lets you browse both local and out-of-area listings, just as you would on your smartphone or tablet—but on a much larger scale. The display operates from 6 a.m. to midnight daily.
The technology is powered by imageSurge’s SIR Touch Gallery, a fun and engaging way to understand and capture foot traffic while enhancing the user experience. The Healdsburg office is part of a network of brokerage agencies worldwide, with 670 offices and 13,000 sales associates across 49 countries and territories. So there’s bound to be something of interest for even the most discriminating buyers.

A Better Run

Attention all runners: Wearable technology can improve your workouts and reduce your chances of injury. One company we found is called Sensoria Fitness, which has a flagship product of “smart socks” (it also makes smart bras and shirts that monitor heart rate). The socks are crafted with comfortable textile pressure sensors, which provide feedback via the company’s mobile app. The sensors help you improve your running gait (for example, landing on your heels can cause multiple injuries) by providing continuous information throughout your run. You can listen via audio or check your phone for visual information. The machine washable socks also monitor your cadence (steps per minute) and give you a target for best results. They track how far and fast you run and can be used to discern which shoes you wear are best for running as well as when it’s time to replace them.

Cutting-Edge Positive Change

If you like to have your finger on the pulse of digital technology that creates positive social change, it’s time to check out Nominet Trust.
The Nominet Trust 100, released this past December, lists the top 100 companies worldwide that are using digital technology to address complex social challenges such as health, education, poverty and climate change. Based in the United Kingdom, Nominet Trust was established in January 2008 by Nominet, one of the world’s largest Internet registries, which maintains the .uk register of domain names.
Some of the local companies on this year’s list include Sebastopol’s Maker Faire, which supports the maker movement; San Francisco’s Black Girls Code, which empowers black girls ages 7 to 17; Oakland’s Trans*H4CK, which supports the transgender community; and several from Silicon Valley.  
When you visit the website to check out the list, you can browse the companies being recognized. You can filter the results by category (such as health, education, civic empowerment and more), location (grouped by continent) and type of technology (Internet, data, mobile and so forth) or sort them by most relevant, alphabetically or most recently updated. You’ll be amazed and inspired by all the different subjects being addressed to make the world a better place.


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