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March 2017 Numbers

Sonoma by the Numbers



• More than 1,800 grape growers in the county

85 percent of the vineyards are family-owned and operated

58,235 acres planted to vineyards

80 percent of vineyards that are 100 acres or less

40 percent of vineyards that are 20 acres or less

4 to 1 For every four acres of vineyards, Sonoma County growers farm an additional one acre of diversified agriculture, including dairy, poultry, figs, hay, lavender, limes, pears, apples and more

Sonoma County Winegrowers Sustainability Report 2017

Napa by the Numbers




• There are about 700 grape growers in the county

• The Napa Valley Ag Preserve protects 32,000 acres of valley floor land;

• More than 70,000 acres of land are in the Napa Green Certification Land program, a signature land and environmental certification program;

• More than 7 million cases of wine are produced at Napa Green Certified Wineries

• The Napa Valley has a dry Mediterranean climate, which covers only 2 percent of the Earth’s surface, and is ideal for growing wine grapes

• The local wine industry and related businesses generates $13 billion each year and creates 46,000 jobs in Napa County (303,000 nationwide).

Marin by the Numbers




• The total land area is 520 square miles

• The total water area is 308 square miles

• The second-lowest unemployment rate in the state at 3.6 percent

• More than 4,000 jobs added in the past year, driven by technology, health care, retail, and restaurants and hotels fueling growth

• The number of residents working in Marin and outside the county increased from 137,100 in July 2015 to 140,600 in July 2016

• The cost of living index in Marin County is 247.90 percent, while the U.S. average is 100



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