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Take a Bite! When Tracy Mattson started COOKIE... take a bite! five years ago, she wanted to share a bit of

happiness with people, one cookie at a time. “It was important to demonstrate to my son that with hard work and determination, you can do anything you put your mind to,” says Mattson. “Plus, who doesn’t love a good cookie?” Starting out at local farmers markets in the North Bay, the popularity quickly grew, winning several GOLD and DOUBLE GOLD medals from the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. They were also awarded a Whole Foods Small Producer Grant in 2015. “My favorite accolade is when customers come up and say that we have the best cookies,” says Mattson. Their all-natural cookies are all made with premium, local and organic ingredients such as Straus organic butter and local eggs from Clover Sonoma as well as flour from Petaluma’s Central Milling. Mattson is excited to now offer custom tins and personalized cookie gifts for businesses. “We would not be what we are today without our partners that sell our cookies,” she says. Partners include Oliver’s Markets, Taylor Made Coffee, Summerfield and Raven movie theaters and many more. For more information, go to


Salute to the Grape Seed

When Valentin and Nanette Humer discovered that the secret ingredi- ent of the best European trained chefs—grape seed oil—was unavailable in the U.S., they took on the challenge of bringing it to America. “We’ve been creating the market for grape seed oil for the last 25 years,” says Nanette. “No one knew about grape seed oil, so we set out to correct that.” 

In 2010, the husband-wife team of Food & Vine began producing Salute Sauté cold-pressed grape seed oil in Napa. High in antioxidants (vitamin E and essential linoleic acid), Salute Sauté oils have a smooth, buttery feel and a fruity-nutty taste. Best used as finishing oils, try drizzling them over pasta, veggies or salads, or as a dip for bread. For everyday cooking, the company released a cold-pressed, gently refined grape seed oil in one and half-liter cans, protecting the oil from light and oxygen. The high smoke point (485 degrees Fahrenheit) makes them ideal for roasting and grilling. And as a result of their unique pressing method, Food & Vine has also created a new product— grape seed flour, which is rich in antioxidants, potassium, high in fiber and naturally gluten free. “We’re the only zero-waste food on the planet, created from a wine industry byproduct. After cold pressing the

oil, we complete the cycle of the grape by creating grapeseed flour, which is quickly making its name as the new ‘superfood,’” says Valentin. “With the highest ORAC value, it fortifies all foods that are typically stripped of nutrients through processing. Food & Vine products are available at Nugget Markets or online at


If you’re a vino lover and always on the go, try ron’s red, a premium wine available in single-can servings that are lightweight and easy to pack. A blend of zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot, Ron’s Red is a refreshing

and fruity wine with notes of raspberry, cranberry and plum. Though it comes in a can, it features subtle oak flavors that linger

on finish. “Ron’s Red was expertly designed to provide a canned blend that doesn’t waver on quality,” says Ron Rubin, proprietor of Ron Rubin Winery, a family-owned certified sustainable winery and vineyard, based in Sebastopol. What’s the best way to enjoy Ron’s Red—slightly chilled or room temperature? “The most common misconception with red wine is that it should be served at room temperature,” says Rubin. “When, in fact, serving Ron’s Red slightly chilled (50 to 60 degrees) is the best way to enjoy for an even more refreshing experience.”

Ron’s Red are perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, biking, barbecues, tailgating and pool parties.

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