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September 2017 Wag

Dog Days in the North Bay

The North Bay is a hot spot for activities with man’s best friend. Whether it’s stand up paddle boarding, dog swim days in Spring Lake or an off-the-leash beach, you and your canine companion are sure to have a panting good time. Here are some local activities that are dog friendly.

Spring Lake Water Bark

Believed to be the largest dog-friendly event in the North Bay, Water Bark returns to the Spring Lake Swimming Lagoon in September. On select days, owners and their dogs can attend the swimming lagoon where they can spend the day off-leash, swimming and playing with other dogs. The Spring Lake Water bark is a fundraiser for the Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation, which raises money for more than 50 dog-friendly parks and trails in the Sonoma County Regional Parks system. Melissa Kelley, executive director of Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation, says the event attracts 500-600 dogs each day of the event. She says, “Because there are so few events like this one, we draw dog owners from throughout the Bay Area. Last year we had dogs come from as far away as San Jose!” Entry is $7 per dog for non-Regional Parks members, $5 per dog for Regional Parks members. Water Bark guests can also purchase photos of their happy pups from the Water Bark photographer. For more information, visit



Here a few hiking trails along the North Bay for both on- and off-the-leash activity:

Alston Park, Napa (off the-leash)

John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, Napa (off the-leash)

Alto Bowl Open Space, Mill Valley (off the-leash)

Baltimore Canyon Open Space, Mill Valley (off the-leash)

Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, Guerneville

Foothill Regional Park, Windsor


Unleash at the Beach

Looking for a day on the sand where your dog can run after the waves while you catch a few of your own? Check out these local beaches that allow your dog to play off the leash:

Dillon Beach, Dillon Beach

Muir Beach, Muir Beach

Rodeo Beach, Mill Valley


SUP with your pup

Ever dream of paddling along the water with your dog at your feet? The trend of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has caught on to both canines and their owners. Whether you own your own board or are a first-timer, you’ll find instant community at Bluerush Boardsports in Sausalito, or 101 Surf Sports in San Rafael, both offering regular outings on which everyone has a dog on board. Dog paddle Saturday’s during summer months and select dates at 101 Surf Sports, bring together both advanced and beginner SUP’s with their dogs for group outings.


Strange But True

Q. Where did the saying “It’s raining cats and dogs” come from?

 A. “Some etymologists think it refers to dead animals washed into the streets after a downpour.” says Gemma Tarlach in Discover magazine. But others see a possible corruption of the old English word for waterfall, ‘catadupe,’ which makes more sense than falling Fidos and Fluffys.”

Source: Bill Sones and Rich Sones, Ph.D.


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