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The Eyes Have It

When Jennifer Peterson started Lost Coast Lashes in 1999, she knew she was entering a business that would be a lasting one. “When I was laid off, I knew if I entered the beauty industry, I would be recession proof.” As a first-time mother, wife and business owner, she adapted quickly, doing whatever she needed to make her new business work.

After receiving her esthetician license, Peterson enrolled in continuing education courses held by lash extension companies. Eyelash extensions are individual lash extensions that adhere directly onto your natural lashes—one at a time. They can be longer, thicker, curlier or straighter as well as a different color than your natural lashes.

The growing popularity of the service was becoming mainstream—with spas and salons offering lash extensions, women were saving 20-30 minutes a day on getting ready by waking up to long, thick, gorgeous eyelashes. “The next step was to educate others,” says Peterson. Today, Peterson has trained nearly 40 licensed estheticians and cosmetologists in the North Bay. She launched her third location in January in Middletown—her other two locations in Rohnert Park.

“I’m very proud of what I’ve done and built. Educating women and bringing them under my wing, supporting their success and allowing them to grow, is my service to other women,” she says. “My stylists and I are always learning new techniques, new products and expanding our reach,” says Peterson.

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Lash Life

The 2016 Professional Lash & Brow Artists’ Industry Survey compiles information from more than 450 lash technicians across the United States. Here are some results from the survey.

•    31% charge between $121-$180 for a full set of lashes.
•    50% are 18-34 years old and 98% are women.
•    75% earn up to $50,000 per year.
•    80% are either satisfied or very satisfied with their careers.
•    58% have experienced fatigue. Work can be physically demanding and requires the correct technique to ensure a long, happy career.

The Top 3 Specialist Services

•    96% perform classic single-strand application.
•    54% perform volume application
•    59% provide brow waxing

The Price of Beauty

Lash extensions require regular maintenance, in line with your lashes’ natural growth cycle. Known as an “infill,” “refill,” or “fill-in,” this service is required to maintain the full and fluffy look of lashes, adding new lashes regularly. Natural lashes shed just like the hair on your head. As you shed lashes, you’re also shedding the attached lash extensions.

Infills can take lash artists 45 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the condition of your lash extensions. Generally, it’s 50 percent of the initial time of a full set.

The fees for the service, according to the Glad Lash Survey, run between $41 and $80, on average. Prices vary from artist to artist, and fills are needed every two-to-three weeks.


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