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What Works: Balance Your Brain with the Cortices Technique

Author: Juana Castanheira, CPB
November, 2014 Issue

With a healthy brain mirrored in a healthy body, we can connect with our refined sensibility and access our intuition clearly.

Most of us have an imbalance between the two hemispheres of our brain: the left, which is the logical mind, and the right, representing the intuitive mind. If we haven’t developed tools or practices to deal with stresses that accumulate and cause imbalance over time, we most likely have a dominant left brain.
Because the left brain focuses only on the past and future, it’s incapable of being in the present. On the other hand, the right brain is present in the moment and can see connections between all events simultaneously. Brilliant insights happen when the two sides work together. A healthy and balanced brain is key to managing daily stresses and accessing intuition.
The Cortices Technique is a powerful, easy way to directly access and rebalance the brain’s two sides. The frontal lobe controls personality, memory, judgment, inhibitions, emotional traits and, most important, insight; the temporal lobes deal with our deepest emotions and trigger our fight-or-flight response.
Each time we perform the technique, we address symptoms, conditions and diseases reflected in the brain. From a consciousness perspective, the brain symbolizes all the belief systems we’ve accumulated, starting from fetal life. In turn, these belief systems serve as filters that create our perception of life. When our perceptions are clouded by dysfunctional belief systems, our ability to access our natural intuition through our five senses is diminished.
If, for instance, we have a deep-seated belief that the world is a dangerous place, we will, through our five senses, experience such a world. In this state, our intuitive abilities are blocked. When our problems are more complex and seemingly unsolvable, the brain chooses an option called coping. Coping means we shut down and pretend the problem doesn’t exist. We internalize our emotions and thoughts, which creates internal stress leading to disease. Coping further inhibits our ability to access our innate intuitive abilities.
With a healthy brain mirrored in a healthy body, we can connect with our refined sensibility and access our intuition clearly. The Cortices Technique is preventive medicine that’s accessible to all.
Position 1: Place one hand, with fingers together, at the base of your skull, so it straddles both sides of your head and covers the top of the neck and the bottom of the skull. While holding this position, tap your head and then sternum (center of chest) with your other hand, alternating for two full breath cycles. Focus on connecting all points of the right and left hemispheres, and highlighting circulation and communication between the two.
Position 2: Move your hand up onto your head just above the position you just held. You’re going to systematically cover the whole head one hand-width at a time. In the new position, tap out your head and sternum alternating for two full breaths.
Position 3: Repeat this procedure until you’ve covered the whole midline of the head from the base of your skull to just above your eyebrows, making sure the entire brain is covered. Your hand positions may overlap to ensure no areas are left untouched.
Position 4: Remember to maintain deep breathing throughout this entire procedure. Just getting more oxygen into the body can improve health on its own.
Position 5: Cover the sides of your head to balance your temporal lobes. After holding both sides for a few seconds, let go with one hand and, while still holding one side of your head, use your other hand to tap on your head and then your sternum.
Position 6: After each head and sternum tapping, place your tapping hand back onto the side of your head for a few seconds. Continue this process for at least two full breath cycles.
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Juana Castanheira is a certified BodyTalk practitioner with extensive training in intuitive healing. Born in Colombia and raised in Brazil, she now practices in Santa Rosa. For a first-time complimentary consultation or more information, visit or call (415) 238-6254.


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