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Is your Online Reputation Costing You Business?

Author: Bob Hull
Oct, 2017 Issue

Your best prospects are looking for businesses like yours online. We now live in a digital age where every business must have a strong online presence if it expects to retain and attract new customers.

(Part 1 and Part 2)

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The Risky Business of Land and Housing Development

Columnist: M.L. Tux Tuxhorn
Sep, 2017 Issue

Over the past 40 years, I’ve been involved in the production of housing in Sonoma County. In the early years of my career, buying land, hiring planners, raising capital (cash), studying the market, hiring architects and engineers, getting bank financing, bidding the project to the subcontractors, building the streets and homes, selling the homes and eventually meeting the new home owners was incredibly rewarding.

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Losing Our Humanness

Author: Lawrence A. Kropp
Dec, 2016 Issue

Interpersonal skills, motivation, knowledge skills, analytical skills and organizational skills were cited as the top skills lacking in the incoming workforce.


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Guest Column: Sonoma County's Changing Demographics and Workforce

Author: Albert Lemma
Nov, 2016 Issue

Interpersonal skills, motivation, knowledge skills, analytical skills and organizational skills were cited as the top skills lacking in the incoming workforce.


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Classrooms of One

Author: William S. Silver, Ph.D.
Nov, 2016 Issue

Like its business counterpart, the factory model of education served a different time and a different economy.

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Farewell Words on the Passing of Margrit Mondavi

Author: Christopher Sawyer
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2016

Margrit Biever Mondavi died in Napa Valley on September 2 at the age of 91.

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Guest Column: Wine Country’s New Owners: What Do We All Really Think?

Author: Monty & Sara Preiser
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2016

So many of us are, on some level, disturbed about the continued disappearance of the traditional family winery in favor of the conglomerate.

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Guest Column: For the Love of Art: Explore, Engage, Collect

Author: Jan Schultz
Oct, 2016 Issue

Open Studio events, such as Sonoma County Art Trails, offer an unequalled opportunity.

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Guest Column: Meditation: The New Sustainable Practice

Author: Lorraine Alexander
Sep, 2016 Issue

Memory and learning naturally decrease as we age. Meditation can help combat this trend.

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Guest Column: A Good Ol’ Barn Raising

Author: Ross Liscum
Sep, 2016 Issue

She couldn't imagine any child growing up believing chocolate milk came from a brown cow.

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Guest Column: Measuring the Stock Market

Author: Ryan Mason
Jul, 2016 Issue

There are myriad market indices, and it may seem like they’re all measuring the same thing. However, each index evaluates the market in a different way.

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Guest Column: Make It Easy for Your Customers

Author: Steve Farmiloe
Jun, 2016 Issue

 A properly designed customer call center—one that can actually solve a caller’s inquiry on first contact—is the holy grail of customer service.

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Guest Column: Training with a Twist

Author: Lisa Safran
Jun, 2016 Issue

Mental agility and the ability to think on one’s feet are essential skills in fast-paced business environments.

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Navigating the Leadership Labyrinth

Author: Dr. Susan Duvall-Dickson
May, 2016 Issue

The next generation of women—and men—in my classes seem to view the idea of having a woman boss or women in leadership as being the norm in their futures.

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Guest Column: The Power of Purpose After Retirement

Author: Gloria Dunn-Violin
Apr, 2016 Issue

Your purpose should fill you with passion and get you moving toward your goals.

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Sonoma County Is Becoming More Entrepreneurial

Author: Ethan Brown
Apr, 2016 Issue

We want to create an atmosphere of creativity, where entrepreneurs in all industries are willing to take a risk.

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Guest Column: The Positive Power of No

Author: Charles Root
Mar, 2016 Issue

With an understanding of why someone said “No,” you can start to refine your message to be more clear and understandable so that maybe next time, you’ll hear “Yes.”

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Injury Prevention: The Importance of Job Related Employment Testing

Author: Karen Breckenridge
Feb, 2016 Issue

Employment testing provides an objective means of determining which essential duties an individual can safely perform.

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Guest Column: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the ACA

Author: Bob Aita
Feb, 2016 Issue

The ACA has extended affordable medical coverage to tens of millions of Americans for the first time.

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Guest Column: The Trouble with Rent Control

Author: Daniel Sanchez
Jan, 2016 Issue

Reports of rent control’s death, it seems, were greatly exaggerated.

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Guest Column: Innovation, Gender Diversity And Wage Equality

Author: Kathleen Willett
Special Wine Issue, Nov, 2015

It's time for women to be more represented in STEM fields.

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Guest Column: Your Wine Is Great, Now What About Your Team?

Author: Dale Biron
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2015

Paying attention to the people side of your business has big rewards.

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Another Palette for the Colors of Fall

Author: Madeline Keegan O'Connell
Oct, 2015 Issue

 We talk a lot about the pink ribbon, but not the purple one.

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Guest Column: 10th Annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference

Author: Pamela Lanier
Sep, 2015 Issue

A review of the annual sustainability event.

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Guest Column: Let's Get Saralee and Richard's Barn Built

Author: Ross Liscum
Aug, 2015 Issue

Saralee McClelland Kunde’s dream of a center for local agricultural education can become a reality with your help.

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