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Apr 20, 2017,
WAKE UP! Enterprises
Local leadership development expert helps bring businesses into the 21st Century: Laurie Cameron launches affordable, must-have professional development resource for all executives, managers and supervisors.


Press Release Description

PETALUMA, CA, April 20, 2017 -- Every executive, manager, and supervisor who is committed to building and sustaining a high performing team should learn and master coaching skills. An in-depth study by the Google® People Analytics Team (Project Oxygen) concluded that, first and foremost, the top managers are good coaches. North Bay resident and leadership development expert Laurie Cameron agrees. After almost two decades of coaching others through her own business, WAKE UP! Enterprises (, and training more than 1,000 professional coaches worldwide, Cameron published the Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study training guide as an affordable ($49) resource for leading-edge managers who want to coach their teams.

“A growing number of businesses understand the positive impact coaching has on a team’s efficiency,” Cameron states. “In fact, more job descriptions of all kinds are including ‘coaching’ as part of the expected duties.” While this is a strong step in the right direction, Cameron believes a large gap still exists. Most of these businesses are not yet offering their managers the training to understand what coaching is and is not, why it works better than traditional managing and, most importantly, how to coach someone in the workplace. Without this knowledge, leaders are just guessing, and may be doing more damage than they realize. “This is the gap I want to fill,” she says.

The Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study training guide was designed to bridge this gap and help businesses bring their leadership development programs into the 21st Century. In under two hours and at their own pace, leaders can grasp the essentials of coaching and begin using the tools with their teams immediately. This easy-to-read manual brings together everything Cameron has learned about the fundamentals of coaching into a concise, affordable, and user-friendly resource for leaders. The full size, 108-page workbook includes:

·         How to build the personal foundation required to ensure effective coaching

·         More than 50 sample “toolbox” questions leaders can customize to their own style and team culture.

·         A strategy for turning chaos into calm -- in just 60 seconds!

·         A simple 3-step coaching process a leader can use anytime with their direct reports

·         A model for the “4-Minute Coaching Conversation”

Time is often perceived as a barrier to effective and meaningful leadership. “Most over-stressed managers can’t face one more demand on their time, and they see having to sit down for an hour to coach an employee as a burden,” Cameron says. She created the 4-Minute Coaching Conversation model to solve this problem. “The good news is, powerful coaching doesn’t have to take time away from your other priorities because these highly effective communication tools can be easily integrated into everyday work conversations. In fact, mastering coaching skills can make every employee meeting, whether long or short, formal or informal, more productive in a lot less time. ‘Corridor Coaching’ can be a very efficient way to optimize your busy work day, build employee engagement, and save your company money in the process.”

At $49, the Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study training guide also fits any training budget. It can be financially prohibitive for multiple managers in a company to go through lengthy (6 months to 2 years or more) and expensive ($3,000 and up) formal coach training programs. Cameron has designed this self-study training program to be budget-friendly, as well as easy to read, absorb, and implement. She states, “My hope is that executives, managers, and supervisors will keep this guide at their desks to refer to on a regular basis. The concepts of coaching are pretty simple, and yet integrating these skills into everyday work conversations requires ongoing practice -- just like any important inter-personal skill that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.”

After reviewing the Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study training guide for her own professional development, Mentor Me Executive Director, Deborah Dalton, offers, “this should be required reading for every leader; in fact, it should be a standard piece in the HR new-hire kit at every company and organization.”

This is neither a quick fix nor the next industry programme du jour. Cameron strongly believes “the ability to communicate with people in a way that both builds healthy, respectful relationships and gets stuff done will never go out of style.” Copies of the Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study training guide can be ordered at



About Laurie Cameron and WAKE UP! Enterprises

Since 1998, WAKE UP! Enterprises ( has been dedicated to creating a world where each of us knows how to build relationships that are sustained by mutual trust, respect, compassion, and kindness. When we all feel safe, valued, and connected, we can accomplish meaningful work together. To achieve this, Laurie Cameron’s goal is to share the power of coaching with every leader who wants their team to get more done in less time, with more cooperation and less drama. She has coached hundreds of clients and trained more than 1000 professional coaches around the world. Laurie resides in Petaluma, California, and is actively involved in many local non-profit organizations, including the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, where she is the current chair of the Leadership Petaluma Alumni Committee. She also serves on the Board of Directors and is a youth mentor with Mentor Me. She is available for private or small group coaching skills training (in person or virtually), ongoing mentor coaching, meeting facilitation, and speaking. Laurie can be reached at or 303-740-0352.

Contact Information
Name: Laurie Cameron     Email:
Phone: 303-740-0352


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