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Oct 18, 2017,
Santa Rosa
Buttitta Design
New Branding Identity for Sonoma County Library Developed by Buttitta Design


Press Release Description

PRESS RELEASE October 18, 2017 For Immediate Release Contact: Patti Buttitta   707-546-1257 New Branding Identity for Sonoma County Library Developed by Buttitta Design Santa Rosa, California: Buttitta Design, a North Bay graphic arts and communications firm, has developed a new, modern branding identity for the Sonoma County Library. Working in conjuction with Library staff, Patti Buttitta designed the new branding identity and 3-word tagline for use throughout the entire 14-branch Library system. In addition, Patti created a Branding Graphics Standard manual to help Library staff members maintain a clear, singular, and consistent branding identity in all print and online communications. The new logo identity abstractly depicts an open book with a symbolic figure at the center that expresses the joy and exuberance that comes from discovering, learning and sharing knowledge and understanding. During the design process, Patti synthesized an array of elements and ideas presented by Library staff members, Library Commissioners and key management personnel. Patti devised the words for the tagline and also wrote a “storyline” for ongoing marketing purposes. To supplement and support the new branding identity, Patti developed color palettes for both print materials and web/online use. The new branding identity has now been consistently deployed on Library vehicles, in advertising with both single and multi-color versions, as well as Library Cards, Library bookmarks, business cards, flyers, posters and numerous other communication materials. For more information about the design and creative services offered by Buttitta Design, please contact Patti Buttitta at 707-546-1257 You can view portfolio samples at:

Contact Information
Name: Patti Buttitta     Email:
Phone: 707-546-1257      Fax: 707-575-1109

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