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Jun 28, 2018,
My Wine Society
My Wine Society announced today the launch of its signature app


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My Wine Society announced today the launch of its signature app, which connects the global community of passionate wine drinkers and makers through a robust social engagement platform dedicated to wine. A “Facebook for wine,” My Wine Society offers wine lovers and producers an extremely versatile, first-of-its-kind platform for creating, posting, reacting to wine-related content.   My Wine Society’s launch—which marks the official opening of its first public testing round—will take place in Napa Valley on July 14 at The Studio. The launch is presented in partnership with Feast it Forward, an online network and lifestyle brand that serves as a guide to the conscious consumer. The app will be available on App Store and Google Play.   From tasting experiences to travel to recommendations and reviews, My Wine Society gives users the power to populate their own Instagram-like newsfeed with wine-related content they create, curate, or share from other users.   The app—which offers wine content creators and influencers a way to expand their reach to a global audience—also offers an intuitive chat feature.   “My Wine Society is about giving wine lovers around the world a chance to connect with, share, explore and discover the endless joys of wine,” said Sean Evans, CEO of My Wine Society. “With the launch of My Wine Society, we’re raising our glasses to mark the first stage of an incredible journey to bring wine lovers around the world together.”   In addition to content features, My Wine Society lets users follow their favorite wineries and sign up for events, schedule tastings, and purchase wine directly through the app.   My Wine Society also rewards users when they take specific actions, like sharing a video or purchasing tickets to an event. Top users will be listed on a leaderboard and rewarded with virtual and physical prizes, like hotel stays and free flights.   A robust content section will further make My Wine Society a tremendous educational resource for users, who can search for wine-related videos, podcasts, articles, and more created by the industry’s top experts.   Wine media writers and bloggers are invited to attend the private media event at the launch celebration from 10am-12pm, which will feature Feast it Forward Partners like Oberon Wines, Gibson Guitars, Airstream, Coravin, and Stölzle Stemware, as well as several of Feast it Forward’s vintner partners.   Stay up to date by visiting

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