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Jun 20, 2018,
The Wattle Guys LLC
North Bay Small Business of the Year


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(Sacramento, CA) – Assembly member Marc Levine recognized The Wattle Guys as the North Bay’s 2018 Small Business of the Year. The California State Assembly annually recognizes small businesses throughout the state.

The Wattle Guys were early pioneers in the storm-water technology industry. Their namesake product, straw wattles, look something like thick lengths of rope, which can be draped along denuded hillsides and staked in place to prevent erosion and help retain pollutants.

After losing his entire home to the fires, Doug Allard, managing member of The Wattle Guys, transformed his empty property in the heart of the fire-ravaged Santa Rosa into a worksite to create straw wattles and inlet protection on site. He provided these products to his neighbors free of charge. The Wattle Guys prioritized installing straw wattles in the immediate burn area, then installing inlet protection devices around storm drain inlets to prevent burned materials from entering the waterways.

“We live in an amazing community that I am both lucky to live in and proud to be a part of. The recent fire storms showed the strength of our community, with countless numbers of volunteers working with local and State agencies to protect the health and safety of those affected and the environment in which we live,” said Doug Allard. “Once the fires were extinguished, we were able to implement simple and effective solutions to help avert further disaster that the pending rains would likely have caused. It certainly kept us busy and hopeful, plus it was a great way to get to know our neighbors. Amazing how many people came through to help. The Wattle Guys share this most important recognition with them all!”

“The Wattle Guys selflessly stepped up to support the community when they were already suffering their own losses from the wildfires,” said Assemblymember Marc Levine, D-Marin County. “Doug Allard’s and The Wattle Guys’ sacrifices for the North Bay have not gone unnoticed, and our community is fortunate to have them during this recovery process.”

With the cooperation and help of thousands of residents and volunteers from organizations including a local vineyard, the Clean Water Alliance, and funding from the State Water Quality Control Board, these groups donated 325,000 lineal feet of straw wattles to local agencies and the community. The Wattle Guys donated 75,000 lineal feet of their own straw wattles to homeowners in the area and installed protection for about 2,600 drain inlets throughout the city.

Learn more about The Wattle Guys here:

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Assembly member Marc Levine represents the 10th Assembly District which includes Marin and Sonoma Counties.

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Phone: 844-314-9774


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