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Jul 04, 2018,
Santa Roza
We are opening in Sonoma


Press Release Description

We are going to open our new office in Sonoma region, we are marketing company, focus the micro-business (that have revenue less than 10,000 per month). Due to small business owners(grape wine growers), we are seeing Napa, Marin and Sonoma as lucrative areas. Our target is to increase the reach of those local businesses to Europe, Asia and Middle East. We are also going to give an advertisement for 7 jobs(1 office admin,3 sales person, 1 PR department, 1 computer operator, 1 designer) in February. These job will be for the local people of Napa, and also we will launch a opening ceremony with accommodation for 200 people. Exact date is not decided yet, but it will be around February or March

Contact Information
Name: Myrna Gazaille     Email:
Phone: 3675762347


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