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Jul 24, 2018,
Santa Rosa
Tavelli Co., Inc.
Tavelli Co., Inc. Brings on Local Business Legend to Facilitate Expansion


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SANTA ROSA, CA, [JULY 18, 2018]  —  Tavelli Co., Inc., the North Bay\'s leading receivables management firm, is pleased to welcome Mark Gregory Nelson as a strategic advisor and shareholder. Tavelli Co. Founder and CEO Robert Tavelli reported he “could not be more thrilled to have Mark on board. We are passionate about providing the highest quality of service and care to a market that so desperately requires it. Mark\'s drive, integrity, and ability to create alignment will help us channel that passion into extraordinary growth.” Partner Ian Tavelli elaborated: “Mark’s experience with managed services and scaling a family business is exactly what we need to take Tavelli Co. to the next level.” As President and Chief Operating Officer of the Nelson Family of Companies (1995-2008), Mark Nelson led revenue growth from $56 million to nearly $400 million. He has spent three decades launching, building, repurposing, and investing in businesses in the staffing, managed services, real estate, technology, and financial services industries.  “I am extremely excited about the prospects for Tavelli Co.,” Mr. Nelson said. “The opportunity for growth is exponential. The team is hardworking, maintains a strong moral compass, and has an unparalleled depth of competence in accounts receivable management. The business is not sexy, which is exactly why I find it appealing.” Mr. Nelson brings to Tavelli Co. core competencies of business and market strategy, client acquisition and retention, organizational development, service delivery, and fiscal analysis and management. He has served as a trusted adviser to Google, Sony Computer Entertainment, Clorox, Bank of America, Cisco Systems, Trinchero Family Estates, and Redwood Credit Union, among many others. He also serves on the boards of Santa Rosa based Altus Equity and Taxtoken, Inc., an artificial intelligence-enhanced accounting solutions firm. He is the author of Way of Zing: A Guide to Aligning Work and Life. About Tavelli Co., Inc. Santa Rosa based Tavelli Co. specializes in managed services for large healthcare and biotech organizations, as well as customer-centric third party collections for commercial and medical organizations. Originally founded in 1983 by Robert Tavelli, Tavelli Co. was rebranded in 2015 by the father-son team of Robert and Ian Tavelli to broaden the company\'s range of services. Tavelli Co.’s mission is to create outstanding customer relationships while optimizing client cash flow. Pairing Robert Tavelli’s nearly four decades as an industry leader with Ian\'s passion for innovation has created a new model for success in a traditionally staid and change-averse industry.

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