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Apr 10, 2017,
Hospice Services of St. Joseph Health
Hospice Services of St. Joseph Health & Petaluma Health Care District
Press Release Description
Dear friends,   Many of you know that I’m an advisory board member for Hospice Services of St. Joseph Health.  You may or may not be aware that unfortunately, following a prolonged exchange, St. Joseph Health recently lost their renewal bid and lease with Petaluma Valley Hospital through the Petaluma Health Care District District  This has critically impacted Hospice of Petaluma.   Points of information for new 5-year lease just signed with the Health Care District (HCD):   They will be collecting nearly $100k a year from Hospice, however, will be doing nothing for it: New monthly lease to be $8k & change Vs. the historical $1.00 No maintenance No taxes or insurance No responsibility for grounds maintenance to include parking lot Incidentals—nothing!   Please visit to learn about our services Hospice services are paid for through community donations   It is fortunate that we have “housing security” for now, but very saddened, as it feels we are being taken advantage of.  Hospice House of Petaluma is the house that the Petaluma community built through a lengthly capital campaign through hospice.  Trust was broken with our community by the HCD, who is taking advantage of their community hospice! Factual points of information re St. Joseph Health and Petaluma Valley Hospital:   St. Joseph Health operated Petaluma Valley Hospital for almost 20 years, with a proven track record of good stewardship and commitment to community. St. Joseph Health's track record provided quality care for the patients of the Health District, inside and outside the hospital.  St. Joseph Health invested over $8.7 million in Petaluma community benefit programs in the last year alone. St. Joseph Health helped to create a hospital that we could all be proud of. In addition to the hospital, St. Joseph Health is in the community providing wellness and preventive services with their mobile medical van, mobile dental van, and more.   St. Joseph Health has worked hard to increase the number of physicians at PVH and in the Petaluma community. 263 physicians have privileges to work at PVH; services include internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as specialty care including cardiology, otolaryngology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nephrology, podiatry, pulmonology and sleep medicine.  Petaluma Valley Hospital is a community asset that should be protected and not sold to the highest bidder.  St. Joseph Health has invested over $50 million in capital expenditures, which is 3.5 times the expected investment outlined in the original lease. This money provided facility upgrades, new equipment, technologies, infrastructure and much more over the past 18 years. Petaluma Valley Hospital and the community it serves was an important part of the SJH ministry. We managed the hospital with one mission in mind: to continually improve the health and quality of life of people in the community it serves. For more information on St. Joseph Health in Petaluma, visit  Paladin Health Care is currently in negotiations with HCD We cannot predict the leadership structure that Paladin or any other potential operator will determine is best for the future of Petaluma Valley Hospital.  The District is holding meetings that are open to the public. Employees and community members are encouraged to attend.  Given that SJH will not be the operator and employer, we are not able to provide information on the specific changes that employees will experience with a new operator.  However, SJH is committed to sharing validated information as it becomes available to ensure that our current employees are as informed and supported as possible through this transition.   Your support is welcome and appreciated.  Feel free to share widely—feel free to call/write letters/visit the HCD.  If you yourself are/remember/know donors, please let them know.  If you know a reporter at the Argus, please also feel free to let them know, too. Cathy Thomas Advisory Board & Community Education  Hospice Services of St. Joseph Health


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