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Google Profiles

April 28, 2009

Google has extended its account called Google Profiles.  Here’s the official word.  TIME Magazine thinks it’s Google’s beachead in the Facebook/MySpace world:

The similarity to Facebook is no accident. Google profiles are the search giant’s fiendishly clever attempt to turn your ego-surfing pain into their gain. By giving users a modicum of control over the results that appear on a search for their name, Google hopes to establish a social network beachhead and take on wildly popular sites like Facebook and MySpace. Facebook users who otherwise couldn’t be bothered to set up a separate profile page on Google might find the idea appealing if it gives them some control over the Google search results for their name.

Here’s mine.

If you’re interested in being found on the Web, it’s probably worth taking the 10 minutes or so that setting up a Google Profile will take.  As always, it’s a good idea to periodically Google your name and your company name to see what your online reputation looks like.

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