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The Secret To Graceful Aging

Columnist: Rajina Ranadive, M.D.
Apr, 2019 Issue

Don’t get old. These are not the golden years. Growing old isn’t for sissies. This is the advice I frequently get from my patients. Aging is an art form that we can master with the right mindset. And over the years, I’ve had the privilege of observing many of my patients’ secrets to graceful aging. In the spirit of this month’s “Women Business Leaders” issue, I thought I’d write about a few of my female patients who’ve left a lasting impression on me. Their names have been changed for patient confidentiality.

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Making the Most of Your Doctors Visit

Columnist: Rajina Ranadive, M.D.
Jul, 2018 Issue

Before your first visit with a primary care physician, there’s a lot of information you’ll want to gather. Be sure to take your previous medical records with you. (Some physicians ask that you drop this information off before your visit. If you have a digital copy, it’s best you drop it off in advance, so it can be downloaded and included in your chart.) Your medical record should include any previous diagnoses, treatments, imaging done of your body, laboratory results and immunization history.

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Do You Need a Multivitamin

Columnist: Rajina Ranadive, M.D.
Apr, 2018 Issue

If you take a multivitamin every day, then you’re part of multi-billion dollar industry that has been marketing various health claims. As consumers, we spend an average of $14 billion a year on tablets that contain vitamins and minerals. Many people take a multivitamin because they believe it gives them more energy, or makes them feel better. Others take multivitamins to supplement what they believe is a poor diet. Still others believe taking a daily multivitamin is a preventive measure against the common cold or flu or to prevent chronic diseases.

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The Impact of Opioids

Author: Rajina Ranadive, M.D.
Jan, 2018 Issue

The opiate crisis is affecting everyone. It’s crucial that we protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community from opiate abuse, misuse, addiction and overdose. The best way to do that is with information, so we can recognize this when it happens to us or to someone we care about. Opiates, which include prescription pain medications such as hydrocodone, codeine, oxycontin, fentanyl and heroin, killed more than 33,000 people in the United States in 2015. Six out of every 10 drug overdose deaths involve an opioid.

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How Often Should Women Get Mammograms?

Columnist: Rajina Ranadive, M.D.
Oct, 2017 Issue

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