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From the Publisher 2014

Author: Norman Rosinski
June, 2014 Issue

"If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change."
—Wayne Dyer
Welcome to the second annual GameChangers issue of NorthBay biz. Believe it or not, the magazine does follow a traditional monthly format, but we also publish several bonus issues throughout the course of the year. (Top 500, BEST OF the North Bay, Wine/Harvest Fair and North Bay Perspectives: A Climate For Success). The publication of these bonus issues lets us provide additional coverage on topics not regularly covered by the monthly issues.
Our newest entry in this category is GameChangers, and its purpose is to provide a special focus on the people and organizations that are shaping the future of the North Bay. This idea had been ruminating for a few years and finally found fruition last year in our inaugural issue. The feedback we received after its publication was overwhelmingly positive. So as we transition to this year’s edition, we’ve heightened expectations to meet.
One advantage we had this year is that all the work we put into compiling a list of worthy candidates last year still exists. Eligible for consideration are businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and philanthropists. And much like last year, we realized there were significantly more candidates meriting inclusion than we had space for. And so the internal debate was ignited anew.
Last year, to help us solve this dilemma, we reached out to North Bay leaders across geographic and business sectors to help us refine the list of candidates for this special issue. Each of the 18 individuals responded, often with candidates we hadn’t considered in our original ponderings. In all, our list of potentials grew to more than 80.
This year, we again reached out to leaders across the North Bay for their input, but because of the extensive list already compiled, we reduced the number of leaders contacted to 8 instead of 18. The fresh input we received was invaluable as it added several organizations, businesses and individuals to the list to be considered. Then, with an updated list, the difficult part remained—culling the candidates and choosing who was to be included. We were assisted by the insightful commentary provided by the leaders we contacted, but it boiled down to lots of detailed discussion with the editors and some further research until we were confident we’d made the right choices for this year’s GameChangers issue. 
Geographically, two of the GameChangers this year are located in Marin County, two are from Napa County and four call Sonoma County home. There were dozens of other companies, organizations and individuals worthy of inclusion in this issue and will be considered again next year. This exercise confirmed what we already knew: The region is blessed to have so many extraordinary people living and working within its boundaries.
As you read, you’ll notice this issue differs significantly from our regular publication. It contains none of our regular features or columnists. You’ll also note that the layout and design has been altered to better align with the special nature of this issue.
That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy reading, as much as we enjoyed creating, this special GameChangers issue.













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