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Creating Health Mindfully

Columnist: Melanie Kates, M.D.
February, 2017 Issue

Melanie Kates, M.D.
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Geneticists at Harvard have recently discovered that 20 minutes of daily meditation can alter the genes carrying hereditary diseases back to normal.  

Traditional medicine defines health as the absence of disease.  The definition of health in integrative medicine is a return to the memory of wholeness. The key to all healing is learning to listen and receive the truth.  Once you believe the truth about yourself, you learn to accept yourself.  The ultimate form of healing is self acceptance.  Self acceptance returns your mind and body to a state of wholeness.

There are two spoken truths that keep us centered in our true identity: "I am loved" and "I am love.”  Researchers have discovered that we think an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, and they are mainly 10 to 15 repetitive thoughts, often negative. What we tell ourselves has a huge impact on our health, and can change the way we feel.  Love and truth are the main ingredients to wholeness and describe your true self.   Every cell in your body resonates with the words you tell yourself.  Remembering your wholeness is recalling who you truly are.

Over the last 25 years, molecular biologists have discovered that memory is stored in every cell in the body and we refer to this as "cellular memory.” Memory is laid down in the DNA of the individual cell and includes both physical and emotional memory, and they are inseparable.  Emotions are thoughts linked to feelings.  A feeling is a sensation in your body preceded by a thought.  Thoughts and feelings make up memory, which make up your ancestral DNA. Your family history of hypertension is in your DNA, and if you don't want it, you need to do more than exercise and eat well.  To heal disease, you need to understand the emotions in your ancestral DNA that have been expressed as hypertension.  Memory is stored in the conscious and subconscious mind of every individual.  A single thought is either divisive or unifying to the mind and body. Disease results from thoughts that separate you from your true self.  Health comes from returning your attention  to positive thoughts of truth and love.

If I awaken with low back pain, I have the choice of chiropractic, yoga, massage, physical therapy, medication, acupuncture or a combination of these treatments to help relieve the pain.  In integrative medicine, we go beyond the treatment of the physical symptoms to the cause of the pain.  Whenever we address the cause of disease we must return to the memory of wholeness and change the energy and information being downloaded to that part of the body. Once we change the energy and information input, healthy cellular memory is restored and the body heals. This is true for all diseases.  When you hurt, ask yourself the question: "What has caused me to forget that I am love and I am loved?"

Meditation re-integrates cellular memory back to wholeness by feeding the cells new information and energy with thoughts, words and feelings of truth and love. In mindfulness meditation, we focus on the breath, which brings our focus to the present moment and expands our awareness of the truth. Meditation creates freedom in the mind and body of the individual so that the cells can return to wholeness and heal. 

The body and each of its cells are made up of 70 percent water and when this water vibrates to the high frequencies of love and truth, they become healthy.  When cells vibrate to the lower frequencies of negativity, like fear, doubt and sadness, they become sick.  Love heals and unifies and fear leads to disease and separation. Changing our thoughts and feelings to love and forgiveness leads to healing.

 When our intention is to love and forgive, healing happens from the DNA level to our organs.  When ancestral memory carried in our DNA doesn't vibrate to a positive intention of love, we will be made aware of this by how we feel, physically and emotionally. Once we are aware of how we feel, we have repeated opportunities to change our thoughts to loving ones and heal our bodies and minds.

Geneticists at Harvard have recently discovered that 20 minutes of daily meditation can alter the genes carrying hereditary diseases back to normal.  It is now scientifically proven that meditation can heal your life and the lives of future generations.  Life is an experience of healing and an opportunity to expand our awareness of love.

Dr. Melanie Kates has been a practicing internist and meditation teacher for 30 years.  She currently practices for Sutter Health in Healdsburg.




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