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Building Our Future

Columnist: Norman Rosinski
December, 2015 Issue

Norman Rosinski
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North Bay Perspective is the lens through which we view both business and business lifestyle

Welcome to our third annual edition of North Bay Perspective. The magazine is committed to delivering comprehensive, informative and fresh local information to our readers every issue. And in our quest to fulfill that mission, North Bay Perspective was born.

In this issue, we take an insider’s look at each of the three counties that comprise the North Bay—Napa, Marin and Sonoma. While sharing a geography and climate blessed with natural beauty in abundance, each county has developed in its own way and enjoys its own core strengths and advantages while also facing its own particular challenges. So, as we explore the diverse vitality of the region, we attempt to shed light on these areas by examining what each county has done to overcome problems and what it’s done to build upon its unique natural strengths.

In the past two Perspective issues, we’ve looked at the individual North Bay counties in an overview mode comparing and contrasting information and insights in a multi-faceted fashion covering multiple business and lifestyle categories. This year, instead of taking an omnibus approach, we decided to focus our analysis on the building and development industries. The bursting housing bubble several years ago drove most of the nation (and certainly our own) housing market into free fall. The fallout from which severely limited new residential and commercial development in the North Bay. Construction has resumed but, for many reasons, the industry is still experiencing difficulties providing the supply to meet demand.

Ultimately, North Bay Perspective is the lens through which we view both business and business lifestyle, to ascertain how well the North Bay is providing the key components that culminate in the quality of life to which we all aspire.

It’s Thanksgiving week as I write this, and my wish to all of you is this: May you celebrate your blessings in the spirit of the holiday, with a warm and generous heart, surrounded by your family and friends.

We’ll endeavor to continue to live up to our tag line: “Helping grow your business isn’t just something we do…It’s all we do.”

That’s it for now. Please enjoy reading North Bay Perspective: Building Our Future.


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