Sep 10, 2011-
Sep 10, 2011
05:00PM - 09:00PM
Book release and benefit
A celebration of T Barny's 30 years as a stone sculptor
Alexander Valley
Event Description

9/10/11 - A celebration of T Barny's 30 years as a sculptor and a benefit for the Alliance Medical Center will be held on September 10 from 5 to 9 p.m. at the T Barny Gallery & Sculpture Gardens in the beautiful Alexander Valley located at 4370 Pine Flat Road, Healdsburg. Tickets are $30 each and are available through

Enjoy a lively evening of outstanding food from ZIN Restaurant, music by The Linda Ferro Band plus an amusing silent auction filled with 24 unusual items linked to T Barny, sculpture and health. In addition, six spectacular examples of T Barny's sculpture will be sold in a live auction to lucky attendees! Why Alliance Medical Center? One of the blessings of a small, rural community is the opportunity to serve others. T Barny is a member of the board of directors of the Geyserville Fire Protection District and previously served as a volunteer firefighter. His wife and partner, Melinda, has recently undergone extensive treatment for cancer. These experiences have given T Barny an appreciation for the value of good healthcare, including the special care Alliance Medical Center provides to the working poor in our community. "If we can't keep ourselves healthy, we can't give back to our community," says T Barny. "Thirty years of sculpting stone has taken a toll on my body and I'm lucky to have access to healthcare so I can keep carving. Others are not so lucky. I'm proud to support Alliance Medical Center."

For three decades, sculptor T Barny has created works of art that invite you to join him in a world of flowing stone. Under his hand, massive blocks of stone are transformed into graceful mobius curves that seem to defy gravity and reflect the magic and wonder in our world. The forms he creates from stone are a synthesis of thought and reflection, alchemy and science. T Barny creates art in marble, calcite, quartz, onyx, fluorite and even bronze. His extensive travels - which include carving stone in the quarry where Michelangelo chose his marble- have given his work an international flavor and confidence that always surprises and delights the eye. Abstraction is his fascination, and power tools are his forte, as he releases inherent forms out of materials he sources from all over the world.

Fee: $30.00

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