Sep 10, 2008-
Sep 20, 2008
08:45AM - 12:00PM
Marketing 111: 'How to Write Your Marketing Plan' Workshop
Leave brain-on, hands-on workshop with Draft 1 of your Marketing Plan, written by an expert, YOU! Take it back to the office and start using it, NOW!
The Training Space, 55 Mitchell Drive - Suite 3, S
Event Description

If you feel your business isn't working, perhaps it's because you don't have a plan, specifically a Marketing Plan. Maybe you've never even thought about one. But even if you don't remember creating one, you do have a Marketing Plan, by default, and that might be what's wrong right now. In these perilous times, or at any time, you must have a Marketing Plan.

"Why can't we just hire someone to write the Marketing Plan?" You can. If you do, however, you miss the chance to take the passion you brought to your business and apply it to the creation of your Marketing Plan. It's your business, and no one else understands it the way you do.

Experts agree a Marketing Plan is one of the key components for success in business, today or anytime. So, if you feel this vital business component is missing, enroll in this brain-on, hands-on workshop, Marketing 111, "How to Write Your Marketing Plan."

Result: If you don't have a Marketing Plan, you'll leave this workshop with a first draft you can take back to the office and begin to implement immediately. If you now have a Marketing Plan that isn't working for you, this workshop will take it up to the next level.

What It Isn't: This workshop isn't a lecture, an overview, or a PowerPoint presentation.

What It Is: It's a new, two-part, dress comfortably, bring your favorite beverage, roll up your sleeves, open the workbook, exercise your brain and vocal cords meeting of people who know the importance of a Marketing Plan.

Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs and professionals who are in business and don't remember creating a Marketing Plan - or want to improve the one they have. Also anyone who's planning to go into business and needs a Marketing Plan as part of their Success Plan.

Leader: Lorne Evje [EV-yuh], Principal, Context Consulting, Inc.

Phone:   415-794-4361
Contact: Lorne Evje [EV-yuh]

Fee: $0.00

Contact Information
Name: Lorne Evje [EV-yuh]     Email:
Phone: 415-794-4361




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