Oct 29, 2008-
Oct 29, 2008
10:00AM - 11:15AM
How to Take Advantage of Webinars to Increase Sales & Build Business
Learn what webinars are and the benefits, best practices for captivating presentations, how to fully engage your audience plus real world examples.
Webinar - Access via your computer and phone line
Event Description

Given the current state of our economy, now is an especially ideal time to explore new and highly effective ways to sell more and close more business. Most of us are familiar with webinars, but few of us know how to take full advantage of them. And this is where we can help!

Some of what you will learn during this informative "webinar on webinars" includes the following:
* What webinars are and how you will benefit from them
* Best practices for designing a captivating presentation
* How to add "Hollywood" to create entertaining webinars
* Delivery skills designed to help you fully engage your audience
* How to leverage the webinar to close a lot more business
* Real world examples so you can see how it's done
* All the resources you will need to get started today

This program will be of great value whether you're a coach, image consultant, direct marketer, real estate specialist, entrepreneur, service professional or anyone else that would like to close more business. As an added bonus, you will leave our program with several valuable resources and documents that will help you to continue to learn and grow into the future using webinars.

Tom Drews is the President and Founder of What Works! Communications, a company that helps people to improve their sales, presentation and time management skills. He is considered to be a leading expert in the area of presenting online, having delivered presentation skills training for the entire sales and marketing teams at WebEx. His clients also include Google, Symantec, McKesson, Oracle and Cisco.

Tom also learned much about creating dynamic and entertaining presentations as a result of spending time in Hollywood as an actor, where he studied improvisation, played parts on soap operas, and was bachelor number one on the Dating Game.

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