Nov 13, 2008-
Nov 13, 2008
07:30AM - 09:30AM
Today's Workplace: A Look into the Aging Workforce
Learn to rethink and revamp the way you look at the short and long-term view of a potential talent war.
Redwood Credit Union, 3033 Cleveland Avenue, Santa
Event Description

Today's workforce is growing older; there are five million workers aged 54 and of that, over 2.7 million are ages 65 to 69. Currently two workers exit the workforce for every one entering. While the demand for bright, talented leaders will increase, the supply will most likely decrease, potentially creating a leadership deficit.

The shift away from traditional career paths and work values will accelerate as the current workforce aging becomes more pronounced. These trends force us to rethink -- and indeed revamp -- the way we look at the short and long-term view of a potential talent war. You'll be able to:

-Gain insight into the four generations (Generation X, Y, Silent and Boomers)
-Analyze current trends and review possible future scenarios
-Develop best practices to recruit and retain mature workers
-Examine challenges with respect to multi-generation talent pool needs

Participants will receive a copy of the white paper: "Managing Today's Multi-Generational Workforce."

Speaker: Bernadette Kenny is senior vice president of human resources and chief career officer for Adecco Group North America. She is responsible for the human resource functions at all Adecco companies, including Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH). Bernadette has expanded responsibilities to actively demonstrate Adecco's commitment to the personal career development of their employees. Prior to assuming her role at Adecco in February, 2006, Bernadette was chief global sales and marketing officer of LHH.

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