Nov 21, 2008-
Nov 21, 2008
07:30AM - 10:00AM
Making the Web Work for You: Social Media for Non-Geeks
Four consultants who have made Web 2.0 tools work for them answer your questions about how non-geeks can use social media for business.
McInnis Park Golf Center Restaurant, 350 Smith Ran
Event Description

We've heard a lot about Web 2.0 tools this year, but all this social media stuff is confusing for busy senior consultants. It seems there's a new social network or microblogging platform launched every day. Which ones are important? How can we keep up? Isn't it just for kids and geeks?

This panel introduces you to four consultants who have made these new tools work for them-without having to sacrifice time they should be spending with their clients. You'll hear how they've succeeded by selecting one or two tools that best suit their skills and their business goals.

Here are some questions we'll address:

* How much time do these tools really take?
* How hard is it to learn to use them?
* What kind of business results can you get?
* What's the real cost of these so-called free services?
* Can you replace other marketing methods with Web 2.0?

About the Panelists

Terry Gault is the VP of Services at The Henderson Group. He has been a coach, trainer, and consultant in communications skills since 1997. Terry writes both a business blog and a personal blog, is active on Facebook and LinkedIn, and posts videos to YouTube.

Michael North has been engaged in Sales and Operations for 26 years. He uses Google Blog Alerts, Yahoo! Groups, and teleconferencing in his consulting practice-as well as good old-fashioned FTP.

Sandy Shepard wears many hats: lawyer, speaker, author, and lifestyle trainer. Sandy used a blog to create her book, then created a podcast and a new blog based on the book, attracting both mainstream media publicity and new coaching clients. She has also blogged on law-related topics, and uses Google Alerts and iGoogle. Her current passion is

Financial advisor Jeff Stoffer, CFA, CFP, pursued a successful cooking career before discovering a passion for finance and investments. Jeff has begun using article marketing and is investigating integrating audio and video into his website.

Fee: $30.00

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