Dec 01, 2008-
Dec 01, 2008
01:00PM - 02:00PM
Free Tele-Seminar: Moving from Stress and Fear to Calm and Confidence
A Free Tele-Seminar-Moving from Stress and Fear to Calm and Confidence. Learn strategies and tips to release stress & overcome fear.
Tele-Seminar (no driving, no gas expense etc)
Event Description

ATTN: Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Moving from Stress and Fear to Calm and Confidence
(A Free Tele-Seminar and Preview call)

Being proactive and confident is a vital everyday ingredient of your work and life.  If you want to make progress and live a balanced, healthy life, you need to be focused and relaxed, not scattered and stressed.

In these financially turbulent times, do you find yourself hitting the snooze button 3-4 times not wanting to get up or afraid to face the challenges of the day?

People often tend to freeze in their approach during tough times and stay in their comfort zone afraid to do something that may change things further.

If you are stuck because of stress or fear, I invite you to register now and attend free 45 minute Tele-Seminar and preview of our upcoming program.

What's included in the free tele-seminar:
*  Learn strategies and tips to release stress and to overcome fear
*  Learn how to move quickly to a state of confidence                                

Register now for December Free Tele-Seminar at:

Additional dates for November:
Monday Nov 10th   OR   Thursday Nov 20th at 5 pm CT
The 3 month program: Moving from stress and fear to calm and confidence!

Learn strategies, techniques and tips:
- for moving out of stress and fear
- to be calm and confident so you can be more productive
- about handling challenges so you and others around you are inspired
- ways to integrate strategies effectively into your daily life

What's included:
- Participate in 3 Tele-Seminar calls & 3 Group Coaching calls
- Opportunities to raise consciousness
- Information / Resources
- And Bonuses                                                                        

Join this program and be supported powerfully!

Fee: $0.00

Contact Information
Name: Tejashree Chawla     Email:
Phone: 316-239-1046




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