Dec 10, 2014-
Dec 10, 2014
05:30PM - 07:30PM
The Secrets to Training Success: HR Business Leader Series
Key secrets for making & managing good training decisions. Figure out who REALLY needs training, & when to say no to requests for learning events.
Guide Dogs for the Blind, 350 Los Ranchitos Road,
Event Description

Along with everything else on your HR plate, there's staff training and development. Training (or is it learning?) is very different from other aspects of HR - making it easy to set aside for later or ignore completely. After all, training and development takes time and money to provide and proves difficult to measure success. Knowing the secrets to figuring out who needs to know or do what, how well, by when, and from whom, will make it more do-able and effective, as well as mark you as a business leader.

Find out some key secrets for making and managing good training decisions. You'll learn a simple method to figure out who REALLY needs training, how to set priorities for meeting training needs, and when to say no to requests for learning events.  Not to be forgotten, you discover how to make your part of the training process easier, at the same time you improve the results of the training provided.

By the end of the session you'll be able to:
- Determine when training is an appropriate solution, and when it isn't
- Provide (or deliver) training so that learners learn
- Leverage and maximize your efforts and time spent on training issues
- Make training stick

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Phone: 415-291-1992



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