Jan 17, 2015-
Jan 17, 2015
09:30AM - 05:00PM
2015 Design Workday
A one-day workshop to ensure your business success in 2015.
Event Description

If you are an Independent Professional or Entrepreneur who wants to

  • Get real about what it's going to take to achieve the business growth you want
  • Have this year be a critical building block for business and project goals 
  • Make 2015 count for something BIG...


And you're challenged with

  • Keeping one step ahead of the demands of your business, clients and projects
  • Guiding your business in the right direction for the growth you want to have
  • Staying focused on the high-yield activities for your business and projects


In the Workday we help you:

  1. IDENTIFY the crucial activities needed to achieve your objectives on or ahead of schedule, and yield better business results. 
  2. DESIGN achievable and inspiring goals for the year, which will become critical building blocks for your future objectives.
  3. LEARN how to scale and condition your goals so you don’t get lost in overwhelm and you can avoid the pitfalls of setting unrealistic expectations.
  4. PLAN a course of action for surpassing your expectations in 2015.
  5. ADD motivation, balance and a feeling of fulfillment to your work. 


COST is $298.00 North Bay Biz Special Savings is $148.00

Fee: $148.00

Contact Information
Name: Eroca Lowe     Email:
Phone: 415-305-7252



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