Oct 10, 2015-
Oct 11, 2015
10:00AM - 04:00PM
Art & Construction
Art Trails Open Studio with Local Artist Sargam Griffin
Sargam Griffin Dry Creek Studio
Event Description


Local artist Sargam Griffin is opening the doors of her new home, still in the finishing stages, during Art Trails. Her home in Dry Creek Valley, with its contemporary architecture and open space was designed to feature her art. She will be exhibiting 25 pieces, each with an accompanying poem written by poet Silvi Alcivar, “the Poet with a Typewriter”. After years of exhibiting in galleries around the world including New York, Berlin, Atlanta, she is here to stay. Each painting (mostly large format) is made up of at least 40 layers of paint, varnish, and resin. Ms. Griffin’s desire is that her pieces connect with individuals in a unique, inspiring and transformative way. She sums her philosophy by saying, “I believe that if the expression is truthful, people can feel it.”

This weekend and next, her guests will enjoy a walk through her new home, filled with her art and poetry. In the late afternoon, guests can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine. This is a truly unique and one-time opportunity to see her home in its final stages, while perusing her art. Be sure and wear solid shoes, her home is still very much under construction.

Ms. Griffin is dedicated and has a deep connection with our community, with a featured piece of art at the new Sutter Health facility. A painting called “The Gift.” The painting tells a story of transformation, stating “It’s the employees’ gift to the people who come here, and it’s also a gift to me. It took seven months to create the large painting and it’s meaningful. It holds a lot of depth and emotion. In the end, I hope this painting gives those who see it a sense of joy, hope and connection,” For the full article:

Art Trails Open Studio with Local Artist Sargam Griffin

October 11 & 12 and October 17 & 18

10 AM - 4 PM

15572 Pozzan Rd 

Healdsburg CA 95448


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Poems by Silvi Alcivar, “The Poet with a Typewriter”:


Art Piece: USA fragile

if you want to know

how to live in

the united states of hope


build a bridge

between fragility and strength,

knowing there's not much difference

in how and why each

force breathes.


Art Piece: effortless


all you need

to rid yourself

of struggle


is a 


as your belly

and feet 

touching earth


and exhalation

as effortless

as the color

of sky or


this new





in the 

air of

your grateful


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Contact Information
Name: Sargam Griffin     Email:
Phone: 707-799-6743



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