Jun 05, 2017-
Jun 06, 2017
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Wine Tank Appraisals for Tax Appeals
Find out how a successful wine tank ad valorem tax appeal can save you tax dollars in this discussion with equipment appraiser Jack Young, ASA, CPA.
Ritual Coffee Roasters - Napa, 610 1st St, Napa
Event Description

Discover how a successful wine tank ad valorem tax appeal can save you tax dollars. Join equipment appraiser Jack Young, ASA, CPA, at Ritual Coffee in Napa as he answers questions about wine tank ad valorem tax appeals and explains the importance of  independent, defensible and USPAP compliant equipment appraisals for the process. He can also explain how to order an equipment appraisal and what to expect from the valuation process.

Successful appeals of personal property ad valorem tax can save businesses a considerable amount of money when industrial commercial equipment and machinery have been overvalued by the county tax assessor. And overvaluation may be more the rule than the exception: The National Taxpayers Union estimates between 30-60% of property is over-assessed.

County tax assessors are not likely to adjust their values by considering economic fluctuations or market trends in your particular industry. And they certainly don't base their equipment valuations on your particular equipment, taking into account condition, utility and remaining useful life as a qualified equipment appraiser will. A well-researched and competently presented USPAP equipment appraisal report is an important tool in your appeal process.

This event is for winery owners and managers, attorneys, business valuation appraisers, CPAs and paralegals, located in the Napa and Sonoma area, who will get valuable information on how equipment appraisals can help their clients in ad valorem tax appeals for any business with a large amount of equipment such as manufacturing, agriculture, food processing, infrastructure construction, or transportation companies.  Machinery and equipment appraisals are also needed for litigation cases, ad valorem property tax appeals, due diligence, business combinations, family matters such as estates for a deceased or a divorce, insurance claim litigation.

Don't miss this chance to have all your questions answered.

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