Oct 11, 2019-
Oct 31, 2019
07:00PM - 11:00PM
Blind Scream Haunted House
Venture into 2 terrifying HAUNTED HOUSES for the scare of your life at BLIND SCREAM! 10/11-Halloween
Formerly Sears Auto Center at 98 Santa Rosa Plaza
Event Description

BLIND SCREAM is waiting for you with two terrifying HAUNTED HOUSES in over 15,000 square feet of pure exhilaration. Lil Horrus is back! He just wants to have a lil fun!! Be careful or you might wind up in his Lil Freak Show.  If you stumble upon Lil Horrus, you better run for your life! And, NEW this year: Witch House! Deep in the dank, dark woods stands a dilapidated old dwelling that the townsfolk steer clear of. It’s inhabited by 3 terrible sisters, each one as evil as hell itself. They have poisoned the surrounding lands and cursed anyone who dares enter this vile place they claim as home. Those brave enough to cross the threshold, well, they NEVER RETURN. Enter if you must… Blind Scream offers two heart thumping, blood pumping experiences that will not disappoint. Haunts are all indoors. 

Open Dates and Times:
Friday, October 11 (7-11PM)
Saturday, October 12 (7-11PM)
Sunday, October 13 (7-10PM)
Thursday, October 17 (7-10PM)
Friday, October 18 (7-11PM)
Saturday, October 19 (7-11PM)
Sunday, October 20 (7-10PM)
Thursday, October 24 (7-10PM)
Friday, October 25 (7-11PM)
Saturday, October 26 (7-11PM)
Sunday, October 27 (7-10PM)
Tuesday, October 29 (7-10PM)
Wednesday, October 30 (7-10PM)
Thursday, October 31 (7-11PM)

Ticket Prices:
General Admission to Any One Haunt – $15
Admission to Any One Haunt + Fast Pass – $20
General Admission to Both Haunts – $25
Admission to Both Haunts + Fast Pass - $35

Formerly Sears Auto Center at Santa Rosa Plaza
98 Santa Rosa Plaza 
Santa Rosa, CA  95401

Fee: $15.00

Contact Information
Name: Judy Walker     Email:
Phone: 707-837-1928



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