Jan 25, 2020-
Jan 25, 2020
02:00PM - 05:00PM
North Bay World of Ideas
Why, When, & How to Acquiesce, Fight, or Compromise presentation & discussion. In Santa Rosa.
Private Residence
Event Description

 The title of this session lists major choices we make to deal with conflict in our personal, social, and political relationships, even though it does not describe all the possibilities. This presentation and moderated discussion explores the underlying motivations, implications, approaches, and effectiveness of those choices. The event will be at a residence in Santa Rosa and will be led by Steve Moore.  

 North Bay World of Ideas events explore the world of ideas, in the broadest sense, including: human evolution, paleoanthropology, and anthropology; evolutionary psychology, brain science, and psychology; mythology, eastern thought, religion, and philosophy; sociology; public policy; history and pre-history; cosmology and the sciences; and the arts and humanities, to name a few. Of special interest are the interconnections among all fields of knowledge and tracing questions about the present and future back to root causes in our past and in who we really are as human beings. Ideally that approach can help us develop constructive, practical approaches we can build into our lives.

 We\\\'re all invited to contribute our divergent and respectful ideas, each from whatever background or perspective we may bring to the group. The event is free and open to the public; however, we ask that you please read the details at Advanced registration is required and can be done there.

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Phone: 707-575-7400




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