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2014 BEST Commercial Real Estate: Keegan & Coppin Company, Inc.

Author: Bonnie Durrance
May, 2014 Issue

“We put the clients first always, that’s why we’ve been in business for so long.” —Jim Keegan

To be a great commercial real estate company, one has to have a sense of community. Keegan and Coppin is that kind of company. “My partner [Al Coppin, president and co-founder] and I are very involved in the community,” says co-founder Jim Keegan. “We live in the community, all of our agents live in the community. We’re 100 percent owned in the community. We make our living from the community, and we feel it’s part of our responsibility to give back financially as well as with part of our time.”
Their community is large—Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Solano counties—and long-standing. “We’ve been in business for 38 years,” says Keegan, “and we’re known as a business that supports the community.” They do this by making financial donations, serving on many boardsand by giving top professional service through their market knowledge.
For Keegan, market knowledge is a matter of strength and depth. “We have more knowledge because we have more agents, and we have agents who’ve been with us more than 25 years,” he says. “All of our 11 partners have been with us for 20 years or more. So, in just sheer time served in the community, I think we have more than all of our competitors.”
The company doesn’t handle single-family properties, is a commercial brokerage company only, and handles all phases of commercial, including property management. It also has a small construction company and provides development and construction management services.
“We get involved in the planning phase a lot,” he says. “Developers will come to town and say, ‘We want to get in the market,’ and we’ll tell them where we think the opportunities are. We also help with a lot of the processes with developers.
“We’re also very familiar and close to all the government agencies; we know all the zoning, we know what you can and can’t do with various pieces of property. We know how government agencies are going to react, and we just know more about the real estate than the other companies,” says Keegan.
He sees his company as a smart resource for the community and for those potential clients looking to buy, sell, lease or have commercial properties managed in the North Bay. But most important, he sees his relationship with clients as paramount to the long-term and ongoing success of the company. “Our clients are loyal to us. We’re loyal to them. We put the clients first always, that’s why we’ve been in business for so long, and the business has continued to grow. We’re honest and we believe in investing in the community.”
After 40 years, he still loves his job. “I enjoy the business and I enjoy the people I’m surrounded by,” he says.



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