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2014 BEST Wealth Management Company: JDH Wealth Management, LLC

Author: John Abbott
May, 2014 Issue

“We believe in helping each person find the path to achieve the goals that are right for them.” —Rebekah Pearson

At the outset of the 2008 recession, Tim and Matt Delaney began calling their clients to check in. They expected tough conversations about the plummeting market and how it was affecting customer portfolios. “What we heard instead from many of them was, ‘You told us this day would come, that there would be highs and lows. We don’t like it, but we understand your philosophy, so continue on,” says Tim Delaney, co-founder of JDH Wealth Management, LLC. “We realized we had done such a good job preparing our clients for the storm that they didn’t even think to question our investment strategy.”
The creative brain trust behind this year’s BEST Wealth Management Company belongs to five individuals: managing partner and wealth adviser Tim Delaney; his son, Matt, partner and wealth adviser; John Jones, partner; Rebekah Pearson, operations manager; and Dana Marty, administrative assistant. “It’s just the five of us taking over the world,” Pearson says with a smile.
World domination aside, JDH is a niche player compared to corporate monoliths, with $150 million in assets and 90 clients. “This industry lacks transparency,” Tim Delaney says. “We want to help our clients ignore the noise that Wall Street pumps out. Our goal is to change each person’s experience and deliver freedom so people can focus on what's most important in their life.”
Unlike its mammoth competitors, JDH advisers don’t work on commission. Additionally, they invest in the same funds and follow the same academically based investment approach they recommend to their clients.
“Many people don’t understand their current investment situation,” says Matt Delaney. “We ask about their need, ability and willingness to take risks. We also ask, ‘How does your current stock broker get paid? If you invest in a higher expense fund, do they get paid more?’ Or, ‘Is your current broker invested in the same funds you hold?’ Many people don’t know the answers to these questions and are surprised by the answers they get when they ask.”
“We believe in helping each person find the path to achieve the goals that are right for them,” Pearson says. “When a new client comes into our office, the first questions our advisers ask are about their life, their family, their interests and their goals. Once we’ve gotten to know the client, we can find the best approach to reach those goals. And it doesn’t stop there. We continue to meet with clients, provide education and assess their life situation so changes can be made when it’s called for.
“When it comes to 401k plans, we address the full spectrum of needs regarding the administration and participation in the plan. We hold annual trustee meetings to review the plan and we have ongoing communication throughout the year with business owners. Our advisers also make a point to provide education opportunities for participants and meet one on one. Matt, who’s bilingual, even holds meetings in Spanish.”
“Receiving this ‘BEST Of award is humbling,” says Tim Delaney. “It’s wonderful that we can do what we love and what we’ve set out to do as a business. We’re able to give back to the community, make a difference and change people’s lives. This award is recognition from the readers of NorthBay biz that we're doing these things.”



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