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2018 BEST Commercial Real Estate: Keegan and Coppin Company

Author: Bonnie Durrance
May, 2018 Issue

“We’re not just salesmen. We’re knowledge-seekers and consultants—which we’ve been for 42 years. So we are a truly vertically-integrated company.”—Al Coppin, president, co-owner

Keegan & Coppin Company is the largest full service commercial real estate company in the North Bay Area. The company was founded in 1976 by Al Coppin, president and co-owner, James B. Keegan, Jr., executive vice president and broker, and George F. Wagner, Jr. joining them that year as founding partner of the Marin County office. With offices in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa and Larkspur, the company offers expertise in all facets of commercial real estate including development, construction and property management. What makes it the “best” commercial real estate company is the result of more than 40 years of dedicated expertise and a culture that nurtures excellence. 

“In the early years, we were developers as well as agents and property managers,” says Coppin. “We emphasized ground-up development and land transactions in the business parks during the early years,” he says. “Now, our business has shifted to transactions and management, so we have become more broker-centric and less development oriented. Our business has evolved from resident construction to primarily commercial interiors.”

As the commercial landscape evolved, Keegan & Coppin’s roles have changed, too. “Where Mr. Keegan and myself used to do major transactions, particularly in the development side of the business, we’ve evolved to be more teachers and coaches rather than actively involved in transactions,” he says.

“Keegan & Coppin establish an environment that’s motivational and conducive to serving clients,” says Coppin. They strive to help their agents, most of whom have been with them for more than 30 years, to maximize their productivity. “We have a long-term structure,” he says. “We don’t compete with our people.” The company structure is designed to be supportive. He describes a tiered management system with the sages at the top (the founding partners), and a series of partners or “rainmakers” in the middle, and the agents (the professionals), on the ground. “It’s having a true team network,” he says. The three-tiered team effort works to maximize productivity and creates a collaborative culture, where employees and agents can thrive.”

Diversity, he says, fosters productivity. “We’re not just salesmen. We’re knowledge-seekers and consultants—which we’ve been for 42 years. So, we are a truly vertically-integrated company.”  All of that experience adds up to benefit the client.

Keegan & Coppin are focused on the geographical area, but also have a national and international presence. Says Coppin, “We are a worldwide organization through our membership in ONCOR International Global Client Solution. We can provide our services locally, regionally and nationally through our networking ability.”



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